GERMANY: Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” while stabbing people has become so common, it’s hardly news anymore

Yet another MUSLIM attacker in Germany shouting “Allahu Akbar” stabs couple at music festival, leaving the wife fighting for her life. The two victims, a 66-year-old woman and her 57-year-old husband, were attacked but he managed to overpower the MUSLIM savage who was then arrested by police.

Since they refuse to give out the Muslim attacker's name or photo, this stock photo will have to suffice
Since they refuse to give out the Muslim’s name or photo, this stock photo will have to suffice

UK Mirror (h/t Metro T)   The 66-year-old woman is said to be fighting for her life. The other victim – a 57-year-old man – was seriously injured however he still managed to overpower the man who was then arrested by police officers in Oberhausen.

The attack took place just after 7pm on Saturday evening. Police officers say the suspect is a 26-year-old from Duisburg, Germany. (What’s his name – Mohammed?) In a statement, police said the suspect was “apparently under the influence of narcotics.” (What – no “mental issues” this time?)


Officers say they have also recovered a weapon from the scene. German media reported that the suspect is homeless. (Awwww, are we supposed to feel sorry for the Muslim terrorist now?)

The phrase “Allahu Akbar” means “Our God is Greater” and has been chanted by Islamic terrorists during attacks. However officers are yet to confirm a motive for the attack. (No, of course they haven’t because the motive is what it always is – Islamic jihad)

Lindner street in Oberhausen
Lindner street in Oberhausen