NETHERLANDS: Wildly popular Geert Wilders favored to become the next Prime Minister calls for a permanent ban on Muslim immigration, mosques to be shut down, and the quran to be banned

Protestors-hold-placards-outside-a-press-conference-being-held-by-right-wing-Dutch-MP-Geert-Wilders-on-October-16-2009-in-London.-300x216Geert Wilders, head of the right-wing Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), has launched a new manifesto that calls for drastic measures to begin the immediate ‘de-Islamization’ of the Netherlands as he leads in the polls to become the next prime minister.

UK Daily Mail Dutch politician Geert Wilders has called for all mosques and Islamic schools to be closed down and the Koran banned in a one-page election manifesto. The Freedom Party leader, who is topping the polls ahead of next year’s elections, also wants a ban on all asylum seekers and migrants from Islamic nations, as well as a Dutch exit from the European Union. 


Titled, “The Netherlands is ours again,” Wilders published the one page, 11 point screed on Thursday, highlighting the party’s hard-line positions on Islam.

In regard to Islam, this is what the PVV will do:

1. De-islamize the Netherlands

– Close all mosques and Islamic schools, ban the quran
– Zero asylum seekers and no immigrants anymore from Islamic countries: close the borders
– Withdraw all asylum residence permits which have already been granted for specific periods, close the asylum centers
– No Islamic headscarves in public functions
– Prohibition of other Islamic expressions which violate public order
– Preventive detention of radical Muslims
– Denaturalization and expulsion of criminals with a dual nationality
– Jihadists who went to Syria will not be allow to return to the Netherlands

2. The Netherlands independent again. Leave the EU