HEY CALIPHORNIA, there are only a few days left to show your appreciation for Muslims in your state

muslim_awareness_month_caliWhat are you waiting for? On August 1st, 2016, California Assemblymembers proclaimed August to be “Muslim Awareness and Appreciation Month” introduced by Assemblyman Bill Quirk with 61 co-authors. Quirk thought it would be a great idea if cities around the world like Paris would consider having their own Muslim Appreciation Month, but for some reason, they declined.

h/t Ellen H


So, how much did it cost designated terrorist group CAIR to get a California State Assemblyman to declare August as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month?”

Looks like the viral BNI post on California’s “Muslim Appreciation & Awareness Month” helped create a well-deserved backlash against Bill Quirk, the Assemblyman behind it

THERE’S STILL TIME left in August to celebrate California’s “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month”