SANITY prevails as German mayor fires a Muslim intern on her first day of work for refusing to remove her headbag

The 48-year-old Palestinian ‘asylum seeker’ (a little old to be an intern wouldn’t you say?) had been hired for a project called ‘Perspectives for Refugees’ in the eastern town of Luckenwalde, Brandeburg. She was scheduled to work for six weeks.

Muslim-occupied “Palestine” is not at war. Why is she seeking asylum?


UK Daily Mail (h/t Jo P)  However, the woman’s assignment with the town hall ended long before the scheduled date. In fact, she was fired on her very first day of work after refusing to remove a headscarf when asked, saying she did not want to do so in the presence of men.

The Muslim woman, 48, employed at the town hall in Luckenwalde near Berlin was informed that she had ‘injured the neutrality’ of the workplace with the traditional Muslim garb. Only recently Germany voted against banning the burka. But headscarves have previously not been an issue in a country with over three million Turkish immigrants.


Luckenwalde Mayoress Elisabeth Herzog-von der Heide said of her decision: ‘The Islamic headscarf is a means of supremacist expression of religious belief in a place where we have neutrality. We don’t allow crucifixes on the wall here either.’

The mayoress, a member of the centre left SPD party, said it was a mistake to hire her in the first place if she was not willing to remove the scarf. Local CDU conservative MP Sven Petke said: ‘There is no basis in law for this decision.’ He pointed out that Germany’s Supreme Court had not made a ruling banning such clothing.

On the other hand, the fast-growing anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has praised the mayor. “If the cross is not permitted in the rooms of the town hall, then there should not be special treatment for Muslims,” AfD state parliament representative Thomas Jung said in a statement. “The mayor deserves respect and not scolding for her uncomfortable decision,” he added.

Because it is a sign of Islamic supremacism and offensive to non-muslims
Because it is a sign of Islamic supremacism and offensive to non-muslims