‘Americans for a Secure Wyoming’ burn a quran and call for a ban on Islam

On Saturday August 27, 2016, Chelsea and Jon Roan burned a Qu’ran as an act of justice for the victims of the child rapist and Christian- and Jew-murdering so-called ‘prophet’ Muhammad’s cult called Islam. The burning took place in Gillette Wyoming at Camplex Park at the end of the ‘Ban Islam In Wyoming’ rally.

This wasn’t the first display of anti-Muslim sentiment in Gillette, Wyoming. The arrival of an unwanted Pakistani jihad indoctrination center last year led to demonstrations and internet threats against it.

FYI: There is only a handful of muslims in Gillette, but the arrival of a mosque guarantees a lot more to come….especially as a result of Obama’s “Dump as many Syrian Muslim invaders as possible into Christian communities around America where there aren’t enough jobs for Americans and make the towns support them for life with welfare.” Listen to the Muslims lie to the Al-Jazeera reporter about their purpose in building a mosque where they aren’t welcome.