FRANCE: MUSLIM invader from Algeria stabs a female police officer in the throat in Toulouse because “she represents France”

French authorities rushed to blame it on “mental issues” (which has become the new pseudonym for “Muslim jihadist”) in another massive cover-up of Islamic violence aimed at distancing the Muslim terrorist act from the massive importation of illegal alien Muslims posing as refugees.


A Muslim savage stabbed a female police officer in Toulouse because she “represented “France,” but authorities immediately rushed to pin the blame on a “psychiatric disorder” as the motivation behind the attack.

UK Express  The stabbing occurred earlier today in the Rempart Saint-Etienne area when a 31-year-old man Algerian man entered a police station under the pretext of making a complaint. After failing in his attempt to grab the officer’s gun, the assailant repeatedly stabbed her in the throat.

“The woman is in a serious condition and the area around the police station is in lockdown,” reports the Express.


According to reports, the man attacked the officer because she “represented France,” although despite this obviously political motive, authorities almost immediately concluded that the attack was driven by the attacker’s “psychiatric disorder”.

Meanwhile, in another incident in France today, a man was arrested after he began shooting a gun out of a window while shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Virtually every recent Islamist attack in Europe has been dismissed by authorities as either drug-fueled or caused by mental illness, despite in almost every case the attacker chanting “Allahu Akbar” or making political statements.

Isn't "diversity" nice?
Isn’t “diversity” nice?