CANADA: Muslim wearing a backpack on Westjet flight terrifies passengers by praying to Allah, saying he’s “ready to die”

Boeing 737Passenger Steve Kelly told CTV the “Allahu Akbaring” Muslim was walking back and forth and wanted to get out of that plane while in flight, he definitely wanted to die.” “The entire time he was calling us ‘non-believers,’ and said if there were any believers (Muslims) on board, to kill him,” Kelly said.

CTV News  The Muslim approached the flight attendant several times, and asked to get off the plane while it was still in the air. Hesaid the flight attendant asked for help, and he and some other passengers stepped in – and helped physically subdue the Muslim. “We ziptied him, and they brought him to the back of the plane where they held him for about a half hour or so until we landed and police arrested him,” Kelly said.