Oh, BOO HOO…Perpetually-offended Muslims now are whining about the Jerusalem Wine Festival

A Palestinian Authority official has claimed that the upcoming Jerusalem Wine Festival is offensive and provocative to perpetually-offended Muslims.


INN  Murad Al-Sudani, the Registrar for the National Palestinian Committee for Education, Culture and Science, lashed out at the upcoming annual Jerusalem Wine Festival, which is set to have a branch at the upscale Mamilla (Alrov) open-air mall near the Old City.

Since the mall rests partly on an old Muslim cemetery called “Maman Allah;” Al-Sudani claims that the festival manifests an affront to Islam. (Good! Don’t go there)


Al-Sudani emphasized, the festival is “a dangerous escalating step” on the part of Israel in Jerusalem in its continual damage to historically and religiously significant Muslim holy sites. (There are no muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the quran as significant to Islam. The al-Aqsa mosque is a fake muslim holy site and should be demolished immediately)

Israel Palestine - Jerusalem - Jewish site - 2

He accused Israel of trying to “bury” the virtually non-existent Arab and Muslim history of Jerusalem, asserting that the relevant Muslim cemetery is a historically significant Muslim site that spans the largest Waqf-controlled area in Jerusalem, and that the remains of Mohammad’s comrades are said to be buried there.


The wine festival, according to Al-Sudani, violates the cemetery and manifests a provocation against the feelings of the Arab Palestinians and Muslims world-wide.

The main center of the Jerusalem Wine Festival is to take place on September 5 in “Gan Haomanut,” the Art Garden of the Israel Museum. The well-attended event that first took place over a decade ago includes tastings from leading Israeli wineries and music. (Oh, NOES! Wine AND Music? Double whammy to Muslims)

Don’t Make the Muslims Angry.  The world’s one billion Muslims, whose delicate emotions are always infuriated by something, enforce an Islamic status quo in which no non-Muslim dares to violate the Muslim superiority complex.  A Danish newspaper can’t print cartoons that a few Imams don’t like or the billion Muslims will get angry. 


Burger King can’t have ice cream that Muslims think resembles the name of their god or a billion Muslims will get angry.  America can’t defend itself against Islamic terrorism or a billion Muslims will get angry.  Jews in Israel and Christians in Egypt can’t have their civil rights or a billion Muslims will get angry.  Jews in Jerusalem can’t have a Wine Festival or perpetually offended Muslims will be offended. Some might say that the billion Muslims are just looking for things to get angry at… but that would just make a billion Muslims angry.

Stereotypes don’t just appear out of nowhere.  Muslims have actively and deliberately developed a reputation as irrational, homicidal fanatics, whose religious beliefs are the inverse of those we consider traditional.  They insist on living in countries where they are not welcome, to take advantage of freedom and capitalism while simultaneously working to destroy those countries.

And instead of quietly assimilating in “western” culture, the Muslims squawk constantly about how offensive it is, and demand that we change to suit them.  It makes no sense.

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