WARNING! Never drive through Calais, France unless you have a firearm, and are prepared to use it

There have been countless stories here about the thousands of illegal alien Muslim savages squatting in Calais and attacking cars and trucks with bats and axes, demanding to be taken into England, where they are not wanted. Now they have attacked a horse trailer and terrorized the family that was transporting their horse back to England from France.

Typical one or two horse trailer
Typical one or two horse trailer

Horse&Hound  (h/t Victoria B) A top British equestrian vaulter has told Horse & Hound of the terror she experienced when her horse trailer was attacked by Muslim illegal migrants as she was returning from France this week. A group of Muslim savages blocked a road leading to Calais before surrounding the lorry and smashing a window as they tried to get inside.

Lucy Phillips, who is fifth on the FEI rankings list, was returning from the world championships in Le Mans, France (18-21 August), in which she had finished 11th.

Equestrian vaulting
Equestrian vaulting

She was approaching the port in a 7.5t horse trailer at about 1:15am on Monday (22 August) when her father Bill, who was driving, saw the road was blocked by felled trees“As we stopped, between seven and 10 wild-eyed Muslim madmen appeared out of the bushes,” said Lucy.

“They were carrying big pieces of wood and what looked like bats. They surrounded the lorry and started hitting the sides, and smacking the windows with their bats.” (terrifying both horse and humans)


Lucy went into the back of the lorry to check her horse Pitucelli, and grabbed the side door of the trailer to prevent the Muslim invaders from gaining access. “They were trying to open the side door as I was holding on to it, attempting to fight them off, while they were trying to break the windows and banging on the side of the trailer which terrified my horse.” (Fortunately, he didn’t try to escape which could have gotten him killed)

“My dad was blowing the horn, trying to get the police’s attention, then I heard a smash. They’d put a branch through the passenger window of the cab and my mum and dad were covered in glass“Mum’s face was bleeding, so was Dad’s arm; it felt like for ever until the police came.”


The French police “chased the migrants away” (instead of shooting them) and escorted the family away from the area, taking a statement from them. “But then they left us and we had to drive back through Calais on our own,” said Solihull-based Lucy. (Why didn’t they give them a police escort?)

“It was full of groups of scary-looking Muslim thugs, all dressed in dark clothing. They were just milling around, not really doing anything, but it was terrifying because of course we had no passenger window after they broke it.”


 “I don’t want to scare people,” she said. “But anyone going out there needs to be so careful on the way back. We’ve vowed never to travel back at night again.” (You damn well should want to scare people. It is not safe to travel though Calais any time of the day or night now without armed guards accompanying you)

“It seems that in the last couple of months, the violence has got horrendous,” she said. “You see the news and think it’s just the big trucks, but they don’t seem to care who they attack any more.”

Compilation video of Muslim attacks on trucks and cars and the stupid British leftist sympathizers who demand they be allowed to enter into the UK.