GERMANY: Muslim invader dies while trying to kill his wife by burning her alive

A Muslim savage posing as a refugee in a German asylum shelter died while trying to set his wife on fire, leaving the woman seriously injured and part of the building ablaze,  police reported.

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Tribune  The 45-year-old Muslim man, whose nationality was not revealed, was previously known to the police, said the authorities in Ruedesheim on the Rhine river in the central state of Hesse.

The woman, who had previously separated from her husband, was taken to hospital by helicopter, the police said. Two other people were injured in the fire in the shelter that houses 14 people.

Germany took in around one million asylum seekers last year and expects about 300,000 arrivals this year. The mass influx invited in by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has forced Germany to accommodate the Muslim freeloaders in hostels, sports halls and army barracks, where there been regular violent clashes and arson attacks.