NEW YORK: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands ‘hate crime’ investigation of Bangladeshi Muslim woman stabbed to death in the street near her home

Hamas-linked CAIR is calling for police to investigate a possible anti-Muslim bias motive in the fatal stabbing of a Muslim woman in Queens, the aunt of a Muslim NYPD officer, according to the NYPD Muslim Officer Society. (Why do Muslim police officers need their own “society?”)


CBS  Friends said 60-year-old Nazma Khanam (above) was walking home with her husband, who was following behind about a half block away, around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. She was on Normal Road at 160th Street, two blocks from her house, when police said she was suddenly attacked by a someone who stabbed her in the torso.


Sources said the attacker may have been trying to rob her, but she put up a struggle and the suspect fled without taking anything, the four-inch knife left in Khanam’s chest, CBS2’s Janelle Burrell reported. Khanam was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

There is nothing yet to indicate Khanam was targeted because of race or religion, but CAIR-NY said she was wearing Islamic attire at the time of the stabbing. Khanam was a mother of three who came to New York from Bangladesh less than a decade ago.