Oh, NOES! Man pastes “Office & Storage Space Available” sign over a mosque sign and Muslims blame it on Donald Trump

MINNESOTASTAN: Mankato Public Safety is currently investigating who was behind an act of vandalism at the Mankato Islamic Center. A surveillance video shows a man installing a sign saying “Office and Storage Space Available” over the sign for the Mankato Islamic Center. 


KEYC  Abdi Sabrie of the Islamic Center said, “It puts us on the edge because of who we are and our identity as a faith group and the current anti-Muslim political climate in the national conversation and especially the election.” This isn’t the first time someone has vandalized the sign; someone tore it off back in January 2015.

Sabrie said, “This one was really worrying because it was in the middle of the day; it was 1:05 p.m., Sunday, people were walking by and driving by and we had 60 to 70 children studying in the building.” Sabrie said, “Even if the vandal caught, we don’t necessarily want harm or jail time for this person, but we want the opportunity to educate this person if they have misconceptions about our community.”

(DING DING DING! Just give us a few hours to indoctrinate him with our special ‘whitewashed for Infidels’ version of Islam.

UPDATE Now designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding the so-called vandalism being investigated as a “hate crime.”