‘GURQA’ BAN? German mayor forced to grovel after posting picture of cucumber that appears to be wearing Islamic dress

The conservative mayor of a district in Bonn was forced to apologize after posting a humorous picture of a cucumber that looked like a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic supremacist burqa – on the same day as the closure of a controversial Saudi Wahabist-sponsored school in her town.


RT (h/t Rob E)  The private King Fahd School in the German city opened over two decades ago, and has taught children a version of the Saudi Wahhabi curriculum in Arabic. The white marble building topped by a minaret has attracted criticism for prioritizing religion over education, and has been labeled an “indoctrination center.”

Yet this week it surprisingly announced its apparently voluntary closure, and the halt of the construction of a second school. 

King Fahd Radical Wahabi Indoctrination Academy in Bonn
King Fahd Radical Wahabi Indoctrination Academy in Bonn

To coincide with the news, Simone Stein-Luecke, mayor of Bad Godesberg, the district where the school is located, posted a picture of a cucumber with a small slice near the top, which resembled a burka with an eye slit. The caption read ‘Gurka’ – a pun on the German word for cucumber.

The photo featured on the mayor’s private Facebook feed, but soon made its way to the media, forcing the 46-year-old Stein-Luecke to issue a statement that stopped far short of an apology.

I respect every religion. But I have always stressed that I am opposed to a full-face veil,” said the Christian-Democratic Union politician, who has been widely featured in the national media. “It was a humorous post, no more, no less. Perhaps the timing of the post yesterday was unfortunate. But I still find it amusing.“

Stein-Luecke has since deleted the photograph, and claims to regret the closure of the Wahhabi learning center. (Why? ALL jihad indoctrination centers in Germany should be closed)

With the influx of more than 1 million Muslim refugees just last year, the Germany’s Islamic population now stands at about 6 million. A survey published in January this year showed that nearly three in five Germans felt “threatened” by the rise of Islam inside their borders.

Sign seen at anti-Muslim migrant protest in Germany
Sign seen at anti-Muslim migrant protest in Germany