Despite huge losses for her party in local elections specifically because of her open-door policies for Muslim invaders, Angela Merkel doubles down on them

Merkel-Admits-Defeat-01Merkel believes that letting in millions more Muslim freeloaders is the right thing to do and will continue to accept hundreds of thousands more through the end of this year, and even more next year…virtually guaranteeing she will go down in a massive defeat in the national election in 2017.

New Observer The refusal of some European Union countries to accept Muslim refugees is “unacceptable” and all of them must take in Muslims, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced. No one can be allowed to opt out, she said.

In contrast to this position, Hungary and some Visegrad countries of Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia have said they will not take any invaders posing as refugees and are building walls to keep them out.


In March this year, Slovak President Robert Fico vowed that he would “never bring even a single Muslim” into his country. Fico said that jihadists “masquerading as refugees” could infiltrate the European Union, and has said his government would be “monitoring every Muslim.”

Last week, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said, “We don’t have a large Muslim community here, and, to be honest, we don’t want a large Muslim community to form here, given the problems we’re seeing [in the rest of Europe].”

Last month, Czech President Milos Zeman said he opposed taking in any migrants at all and described Merkel’s policy as “absurd.”