Hey, stop calling an anti-Islam poster “racist.” Hating Islam is NOT racist, it is survivalist

This is the headline: ‘Racist poster appears on wall of Turkish mosque in Montreal.’ An unknown Italian group has pasted a “racist” poster on the wall of the Turkish Dorval Mosque in the Canadian city of Montreal. What ‘race’ is Islam?


Daily Sabah  The imam and president of the jihad indoctrination center aka mosque, Mehmet Değer, spoke about the poster, which appeared on Friday night. “This is the eighth “racist” attack against this mosque”, he said. “No one has been found guilty so far. We had been threatened before this incident because we were bringing Syrian Muslim invaders to Canada. I believe this is the reason why we’re under attack.” (A very good reason indeed. Stop bringing in Muslim freeloaders and jihadists and the posters will stop)

Too bad they didn't use the full-color version of this cartoon on the poster
Too bad they didn’t use the full-color version of this cartoon on the poster

The imam highlighted that these kind of ‘hate’ crimes conflict with the Canadian values, saying “It’s obvious that some are using these youth for their own interests. Canada is a mosaic country (being ruined by muslims). They shouldn’t rue the beauty of living together.” (Muslims despise Canadian values but love the welfare benefits)

Montreal police are (wasting taxpayers’ money) investigating the so-called hate crime. Değer continued that “If police cannot find these criminals, hate crimes like this are likely to increase in future.” (One can only hope)

Thankfully, the Soldiers of Odin are now in Canada to protect against this Muslim invasion


Read about them here


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