How Israel deals with Muslim rioters

Maybe if American law enforcement did more of this, they wouldn’t keep getting shot?


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  1. Go Israel! One of the only few nations left in the world with conservative, nationalist, Western values (even the US is struggling with their failing pride & nationalism). We love you! Countries concerned with preserving their Western nationalism should support this wonderful country Israel forever.

      • Not counting the rest of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, but currently 8 million Israelis hold at bay 350 million Arab Muslims and have done so for nearly seventy years.

        Not asking the reasons why but simply asking, would somebody please do the math??

    • …especially in comparison to how I-slime nations treat their own citizen brothers-in-Mohammed, should they have the nerve to protest!

  2. Israel was working on a stink spray which is many times worse than skunk liquid. It also stained clothing and the smell would be carried into their homes and last several days. I’ve not heard much since then, but the US would benefit from this to use at BLM marches not to mention several European police agencies

      • Bonni – the commentator Paula Slier is Jewish and is based in Israel. Sometimes she makes me wonder whose side she’s on as she can usually be seen defending the poor “downtrodden” muzzscum in Israel and various islamic s**tholes around the world. Another self-hating left wing Jew!

        • Judi, there are so many left wing Jews like her, it makes it easy to understand why people in Europe blame muslim immigration on them. It doesn’t matter than Jews don’t have much political power or leadership roles in EU government, the mere fact that they publicly support the muslim invasion makes them a target for hate by association.

      • Raw sewage spray might work even better, except that many I-slimes have probably developed a resistance to it by now! LOL

    • yes BEXAR, funny i was going to say the same, ie PRefer SKUNK. since Bonnie posted on it 6 months or more ago, i loved the stuff. shouldnt every law inforcement in the world have skunk to spray the on the vile ingrate muslims.

  3. When legitimate protests turns to outright riot, this is the perfect prescription. Cowards all, the Muzzies will run for their lives.

  4. That’s what I suspected, they are cowards. When the opposite IDF soldiers have more powerful fire crackers they run like chickens.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and i was half expecting to see a herd of pigs had been let loose, but hey, whatever gets the job done

  6. Masses of Moslems including large prayer groups should simply be bombed to dust. That is, unless I am reading the koran wrongly: Does it not say that all Moslems must persecute and attack all non Moslems? So why hold back? This is what they’ve been learning from birth, to be our enemies. Do you mean to tell me that we should learn to think of them as our friends, when they most assuredly are not? Are we that naive, to think that we can suck up to them enough, to overcome their hypnoprogramming from birth?

  7. The Israelis use nonlethal stun grenades. The snipers fire rubber bullets from a distance at Arabs planning to throw incendiaries. Police here will never do that. Meanwhile, their allies in Ferguson like to claim US police learned their “violence” from the Israel police…Nonsense.

  8. I think that’s brilliant ! Wish our LAPD would do this, especially to those annoying losers who block runways and freeways.

  9. Go Israel! If only Europe’s governments had the gonads to do this! I wonder if this was the stuff that’s supposed to smell like skunk.

    • Dear Shameless, Go Israel!! ditto!!! LOL,, best short film I have seen in years!!! Forget the Euros doing that, the Muslim mayor would have them beheaded!!!
      Ask those fine young police and IDF men, if they would like to transfer to a dept. in Cali.
      The way they are shoving rapeugees on us, we will need REAL cops to handle the up and coming crap!! Ask Israel if they have any doctors who are used to dealing with Hansen’s disease as well, we now have refugee-lepers, yep, in our elementry schools….. Obama just keeps keeping on!!! Vote Trump, ah, unless you really want to deal with lepers in 2016 in our schools………..God Almighty

  10. How wonderful to see the Muzzies scatter, instead of seeing our authorities patiently allowing thugs to riot & burn in “Safe Spaces”. Our GOV loves the Muzzies, Black & Brown, so these thugs get a free pass to kill at will.

    • Oh yes Staff Sgt.! What’s better than to watch these frantic rodents!? How they do stampede, looking for all the world like [liquefied] dung running downhill!! This made my night.

      Oh-and thank you for your service Sir.

  11. They are cowards, we did defeat them twice in midle ages!!! if they are really looking for the third one, no problem with pleasure until the last one!!!