ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) calls for ‘lone-wolf’ Muslim terrorists in the West to kill children, the elderly, even flower sellers

older_couple_sitting_in_a_parkThe Islamic State has called for lone-wolf attacks on commuters, queuing pensioners, children playing in the park and even market vendors in a ranting magazine threat. The MUSLIM terror group used the chilling examples as it urged its followers around the world to target non-believers in a 38-page booklet published in different languages.

Kafir means filthy unbeliever
Kafir means filthy unbeliever

UK Daily Mail  It even features a picture of what appears to be a British market vendor along with the caption: ‘Even the blood of a merry crusader citizen selling flowers to passers-by’.


In other extracts, it encourages fanatics to slaughter soft targets including commuters, young people playing in parks and ‘the old man waiting in line’.

On the front page of ‘Rumiyah’ is a picture of Abu Mohammed Al Adnani, the ISIS propaganda chief recently killed in an air strike. A foreword warns that ISIS will not die with the death of its leaders, Foreign Desk News reports.


It also includes a four-page tribute to an Australian jihadist convicted over a 2005 plot to bomb the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Ezzit Raad, who travelled to the Middle East after serving time in jail, died fighting for ISIS in Manbij near the battleground city of Aleppo in northern Syria. The group describe how Raad’s chest was ‘torn open by shrapnel’ and call for terror attacks on ‘kuffar’, or non-believers, in Australia. 

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‘Light the ground beneath them aflame and scorch them with terror,’ said the chilling message, which was shared online by the counter-terrorism researchers.

‘Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown and Bondi. ‘Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House, even in their backyards.’ 


SITE Intelligence Group Director Rita Katz said the group’s new magazine was ‘clearly… highly important to #ISIS as it has now been published in 7 languages’. 

Elsewhere, the magazine features an article called ‘The Kafir’s blood is Halal for you. So shed it’ which attempts to justify killing non-believers who are not fighting on the front line.

These included English, Russian, Pashto, Turkish, French, German and Indonesian. 

ISIS Sharia judges order children with Down syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling echo of the Nazis
ISIS Sharia judges order children with Down syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling echo of the Nazis