MORE evidence that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a Muslim at heart, if not yet a Muslim convert

Saying that the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is neither Islamic nor a state, Justin Trudeau orders Canadian government to start calling the Islamic State “Daesh,” a name that Secretary of State John Kerry has also tried to use, because it sounds less Muslim.


National Post (h/t Mike F)  The Justin Trudeau Liberal government will no longer refer to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) and will instead call the terrorist group a different, potentially insulting name: “Daesh.” (Not insulting, just a tactic of obfuscation so Westerners won’t know you are actually talking about Muslim terrorists)

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale revealed the change in a report on terrorism released last month, saying ISIS/ISIL is neither Islamic nor a state and that the report would instead use the group’s Arabic acronym.

Justin Trudeau praying at a mosque

Justin Trudeau praying at a mosque

Global Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence also say they are adopting Daesh to refer to the group. The decision continues a trend that has been unsuccessfully sweeping through Western governments. France and the United Kingdom are among those that have adopted the term in recent years. (But everyone still calls it ISIS)

While the term has long been used by Arabic speakers and comes from the group’s Arabic acronym, it can also be considered an insult, with some translations meaning to tread underfoot or crush. (That’s what Muslims want you to think. Don’t.)

The group has forbidden use of the name Daesh within its territory. There has long been confusion and debate over what to call the terrorist organization. (Only by leftists infected with the political correctness disease)


Canada and many other countries used its original name, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, for years. Others referred to it as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS.

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  1. He is inviting the enemy through the gate and paving their way to infiltrate our country, the country that we and our forefathers built.
    Furthermore, a phobia is a mental disorder, distrust of Islam is not a mental disorder, there is no such thing as Islamophobia it a fake word made up by by Muslims to discredit people who see them for who and what they are.

    • This is Justin Trudeau!
      I believe he is a ISIS sympathizer and is promoting terror in America!
      Just as his father Pierre was a Hitler SS Nazi sympathizer who hated the Jewish people! Hidden
      If I was of Jewish decent I would watch Trudeau and his cabinet of Moslems very closely…

    • ou disappointed us Mr.Justin Trudeau.You are crying for only muslims why you need their votes??we voted for you thinking you will keep Canadians safe? Do you know muslim refugees are raping and attacking even teachers too ?but the way you support nd bring in radicalized muslims is alarming not a single christian or Yezdi refugee from Iraq ,Syria. libya who are affected by the same people called muslims living as majority .You are not checking who’s coming into our country you simply want muslim votes we are very disappointed,Do you ever read or watch the news to see whats happening in all E.U countries sweaden has become capital city of rape thanks to ppl like merkel and you to bring only muslim refugees not nonmulim refugees who are better humans Its proven.Soon you will have blood in your hands justin like Merkel.your connection to Aga khan and handing over 310 Million and he purchase an Island for 100 million with the money you gave and then hop in his plane and go visit him all looks too have the money to spend to bring in unfaithful radicalized muslims while you are ignoring our own people Do you atleast notice our kids specially young teenagers are selling their bodies to pay their fees and to survive Pimps are leauring them into prostitution.Sucide rate is high in many candoian communities a whole town was affected,People are being laid off ,some have no means of survival,vets,homeless .Why don’t you take care of our people like the Japanese who say first they have to take care of their families.If you really want to help refugees why don’t you help and cry for christian and yezdis and Hindu Kashmiris and all nonmuslims who are being prosecuted and killed in many countries for a change?

  2. Justin Trudope, our semi retarded man-child Prime Minister, only elected because a bunch of even more retarded people think he has nice hair and is going to legalize pot.
    Between Obummer and Trudope, the damn muslims are going to get a free ride, and we (unless something smartens people up)are doomed.

      • Its only a matter of time before Canadians and Kevin O’Leary expose this fraud…Trudeau and the liberals…
        Wait until terrorism strikes its ugly head in a major city in Canada and the real economic statistics show how much our economy ….has been ruined by his policies
        I only hope its not too late in the 3 years remaining before election time

        • there is only one solution for this traitor and it has be done by our courageous RCMP and to use Adolfus’ verbiage a final solution before Canada goes the way of the dodo bird

  3. Trudeau, pretty-boy Muslim puppet isn’t too bright. Of course, he doesn’t want ISIS to be thought of as Islamic, hence DAESH. He got where he is because of his fathers name. The name won’t keep him in power, though. Canadians have had enough of him.

  4. Justin Trudeau is SO obviously serving foreing interests. He, and his brother Alexandre, are Muslim Brotherhood’s good friends and supporters.
    This socialite SO wanted to be a star. Without meaningful experience, he was recruited for politics and is now performing on the stage of…Canada….the World !..the Magazines…the gay Parades…and in thousands of Selfies. In between, he stars in scenarios the Liberal-Globalists strategists hand him… A deadly-for-Canada puppet on a string.

  5. The mossies will use him until they no longer need him and then slice his head and offer it up to King Schmuck in Arabia.

  6. I like Daesh as the name for Islamic State because it is insulting to them. Daesh sounds like the Arabic Desh or Dash which is the Arabic world for a trouble maker or an oppressor, which is, of course, what they are. Arabic speakers have actually been beaten up in Iraq and Syria for calling them Daesh or Dash. They like to be called in Arabic, Dawlat al Islamiyah (that is Islamic State.)

    As for DAESH (or sometimes DAISH) itself, it comes from the Arabic original name and is an anagram for the group, which is Dawlat al Islamiyah fi al Iraq wash al Sham.

    Of course, in English, ISIS is also insulting. The anagram from the name Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or Shem) forms the English version of the name of a pagan Egyptian goddess which I am quite sure irks them too. That may have been one of the reasons why they changed their name.

    And while some politicians and Muslim apologists may try to hide the Islamic motivations of the group Daesh, any one familiar with the Quran and Hadiths will know for sure that they are pure Islamic to the core.

    • Who cares about insulting them? It is more important to have it drilled into Western minds that Islam is behind this terrorism. You’ll never get people here to understand what the hell Daesh is. Having Islamic in the name gets you half way there.

      • Your honestly stupid, this person has well explained to you about Daesh and they are not Muslims because true Muslims are against killing people in any way.they only use the name of Islam because people obviously don’t understand the name of Islam and it’s true meanings I gurantee you 100% chance that once you have heard the true sayings.

      • Your right, Bonni. I’m almost daily trying to get people to understand Islamic State practices devout, pious Islam. Especially people on the Internet, who are often Muslims & won’t admit it.

    • The AssWholes & Traitors in power do not want anyone to understand the fatal fact that terrorism is an Islamic sacrament. They want to erase all connection between Islam and terrorism. The United Nazis passed four resolutions in December, containing boiler plate to the effect that “terrorism can not and must not be associated with Islam”.

      We must tell the traitors, the United Nazis and the GdM to go to Hell and be damned!!!
      “It’s Islam, Stupid!” must be our mantra, constantly repeated.

      Knowledge of these gems of evil from the Unholy Koranus & hadith must be popularized so that the entire electorate is aware of them:
      3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39, 111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

  7. Turdeau is an AssWhole of the largest magnitude. ISIS is Islam. Islam is ISIS.

    Moe combined the temporal and spiritual; there is no separation between mosque and state. Moe and his caliphs ran both as one. There is no difference between the Islamic state, caliphate and Islam.

    I quote from the Charter of HAMAS, which mirrors the motto of Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, which is the parent body of ISIS:

    The Slogan of the Hamas

    Article Eight

    Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its Constitution, Jihad its path and death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief.

    Allah is its goal
    This means meeting him; earning his approbation & admission to Paradise, referred to by the Qur’an as the Supreme Success.
    the Prophet is its model
    This means emulation of Moe. What did Moe do? He killed Jews!
    the Qur’an its Constitution
    Hamas is identical to Islam!!! Hamas = Islam && Islam = Hamas!!
    Jihad is its path
    the commerce which saves you from a painful torment
    death for the case of Allah its most sublime belief
    To be killed while fighting in Allah’s cause is the Muslim’s highest aspiration; it earns him one of the best seats in the celestial bordello.

    For the clueless: “the Qur’an its Constitution” is the key phrase because it establishes the fatal fact that Hamas and Islam are one and the same. Hamas neither adds to nor subtracts from Islam; it is Islam. To erase all doubt, read the Charter of Hamas. You will find Qur’an & hadith quotes therein; they show you the foundation upon which Hamas is erected..

    Knowing that, it is impossible to deny the fatal fact: ISIS is Islam!

  8. Trudeau is such a flake…Trump may have to build a wall along the Canadian border and make the cannucks pay for it.

  9. Trudeau is a guy that achieved nothing of value in his short life. The guy is an idiot.
    All he has are his physical attributes on which he depends heavily.
    I will keep on saying Islamic State.

  10. TRAITOR!!!!!!! Sympathizer , Treasonous turn coat, should be hung from the rafters, no rights no mercy. Perhaps he can be Allah’s bitch in Hell , looks like he is already the Imam’s sissyboy so should be well broken in by now.

  11. Trudeau, like Kerry, is an appeaser…and, like Kerry, an incompetent idiot. How these two ever made it in public life is beyond me. Are there THAT many really stupid people?

    • I suspect he was put in power by the Globalists. Obama’s team came to Canada to help out w/ election. They bribed all the right people and there may even have been some election fraud who knows.

      All these creeps like Hillary Merkel Obama Trudeau they all have the same agenda.

      • Larry / Nat
        He was elected by Canadians who are vapid and stupid beyond words.
        The following are actual quotes from people I know.
        They either thought he was:
        “the most personable of all the candidates”,
        “he is SO handsome”,
        “I loved his father, so I’m voting for him”,
        “anything will be better than Harper”,
        “He’s so Canadian…”
        “You can see an ITELLECTUAL QUALITY about him”…
        {this last one flabbergasts the fuck outta me, but I have a friend who actually BELIEVES THAT!…}
        There ARE THAT many stupid people…and many, many more, lads…

        He is an embarrassment to my country, and Michael Savage calls him a Ballet Dancer…because he’s constantly preening and strutting like a metro-sexual / homo. LOL
        He makes my skin crawl just thinking about the goof.

        His father was a rotten, lying bastard, but he was no fool…
        Junior is just a fool…

  12. Bonni, this should link you to the poster for ‘Fertility Day’ in Italy. Do you notice anything that looks, well, frankly odd? (Hint: it looks a lot like a crescent )

    Do you think that was intentional, or just really poorly designed?

  13. Trudeau is, very likely, a Muslim, however the Qur’an makes it acceptable to lie to deceive non-Muslims in the furtherance of Islam so he will never admit it. Just like our, current, Muslim-in-Chief.

    • Tophtml, Yeah he became a Muslim for the votes, if it is like in the US, the next thing you will see is Hilary in a hijab!!! Listen these pigs are whores for any fool who will vote for their PC, crap!!! Muslim in the White Hut is so busy using his last days in power to destroy our nation any way he can.. Vote Trump in the USA, or get ready for more traitors!!! These whores are doing everything they can to gain power, Muslim allies to them are cheap votes!! How stupid!! These savages will turn on them as soon as they can !! They are just to power hungry and stupid to realize it!!! Merkel must be soooo proud of that Canadian fraud!!! Tell your French Canadian fools up there, he does not have their interest, or safety in his agenda, they are being fooled by this ahole!!!

  14. Trudeau, truly a POS, not “fit ” for office. With such “strong ties ” to France, one wonders why the Canadians chose this “closet ” moslem to lead such a beautiful country ????

    • Most Canadians didn’t vote for him , only 60% of the people voted and off those he only got 40% of the vote, about 27% off the population voted him in . And at current polls 94% of Canadians said they would not vote for him today .

      • No use crying over spilt milk! Get out and vote next time and take all like minded with you. The majority are too lazy or indifferent to cast their ballot. The same goes for our Provencial elections. No Wynn next time.
        Stand up or shut up!

    • Actually, Buzz…
      we don’t really don’t have strong ties to France…neither does Quebec.
      The French look down on those from Quebec as a sub culture because the don’t speak Parisienne French.
      The French can get real snooty about their language and how it is used.
      And if Quebec ever did separate from Canada, France wouldn’t lift a dry turd to help them.
      I’m not sure if it still applies, but the French language is / was the international language of diplomacy because of it’s way of defining things.
      If spoken well, it is almost lyrical.
      And if you think English grammar is a rough road to hoe…you should try French grammar…!

  15. All these idiots can call Isis anything they want but that will not stop the horrible cruelty and brutality caused by the teaching of the Koran. And perhaps they will continue to fool the easily fooled, and there are a lot of them, but more and more people ar coming to understand that Isis is indeed the perfect example of TRUE izslime.