NEW MUSLIM MAYOR OF LONDON CREATES ‘THOUGHT POLICE’ – which means British citizens could get six months in jail for reading/commenting on Bare Naked Islam

The office of the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has issued a grant for the new Thought Police –  an online ‘hub’ designed to identify so-called ‘hate speakers’ for police.  What’s more, he is spending millions of pounds of British taxpayer money to essentially eliminate the concept of free speech.


CounterJihad  The grant promises to “improve the police response” as well as develop the “intelligence to facilitate counter measures that can reduce and prevent further criminal activity.”  British and European law do not contain the robust protections for freedom of speech that America’s First Amendment provides.

Saying anything that falls under the poorly-defined rubric of ‘hate speech’ is already criminal in London:  they just want to improve their capacity to send the police to your house.  The penalty can be six months in prison per offense.


Well, actually, they want to do a little more than that.  The grant also promises to “build community capacity to respond collectively to online hate.”  So it isn’t just a rule-of-law response that they are looking for here.  They want to organize online mobs to go after you for expressing disapproved thoughts.

Breitbart news points out that this is the brainchild of London’s first Muslim mayor.

The office of London’s first Muslim mayor has secured millions of pounds to fund a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to criminalise “trolls” who “target… individuals and communities.” … In May this year, the EU announced that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft had “committed” to working more closely with them and national governments and “their law enforcement agencies” to help “criminalize” perceived “illegal hate speech” online.
This sounds like hate speech to me

This sounds like hate speech to me

Naturally, the law will also be used to criminalize political opposition to the establishment — one of the first uses was to target what the UK Standard refers to as “Brexit hate crime.”  But it seems from the grant application that speech critical of Islam is the real target.  The announcement of the grant states that a recent report “identified 45% of anti-Muslim hate crime took place online, and the organisation is seeing up to 80% of its resources used in monitoring online hate and supporting the victims.”

This sounds like hate speech to me

This sounds like hate speech to me

The claim is that seeing online ‘hate crime’ results in “higher levels of depression, stress and anger,” and can cause changes in “which streets they walk down, how they answer the phone, reactions to strangers, and suspicion of co-workers.”  That last element sounds particularly ominous given Islamist workplace attacks such as the San Bernardino shooting.  

The London police appear to be suggesting that seeing criticism of Islam on-line leads to murders of this sort.  Indeed, the criminalization of critical speech even seems to suggest that these psychological effects to some degree justify Islamist violence against society.

This sounds like hate speech to me

This sounds like hate speech to me

Breitbart points out that convictions under the law banning speech of this kind have increased ten-fold in the last decade.  They quote Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent.  [T]he police [are] becoming more and more involved in controlling our morality,” he told the BBC.  “[They are] almost playing the role of a moral police. And instead of dealing with real crime in the offline world, [the police] find its very convenient to ‘send the message’ in the online world because it’s a relatively easy thing to do.”

Doubtless it is a lot safer than targeting Islamist militants.  The only cost is a little liberty.  Well, maybe more than a little.


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  1. This man is outright dangerous and thought so from the start.
    Isn’t it always ironic how so called liberals ban the free speech that they proclaim to promote and love?
    The sooner he loses his position as mayor the better. A muslim should not in any way be representing OUR country in the UK as mayor of the capital.
    His hidden agenda to promote Is*** from the start has been been clear as glass.
    And by the way, this isn’t Iran or some other backwards as hell muslim nation, so he should get the hell out.
    As a so called peaceful muslim, he should be more worried about terrorists, rather than people showing the cold, hard ugly truth and facts about Is***.
    My fears are coming true, when someone like him gets in a power position they try and force their agenda and their cultist beliefs.
    The scary thought from Britain’s perspective is if the US are lucky (in one way) to get Trump, then we could very well get a mass exodus of cultists over here.
    Also include France and Germany with the repercussions.
    These cultists really are a plague on earth.
    Does anyone not question why a so called religion of peace, needs to censor the truth?
    By the way the Mayor is Labour aligned, yet another good reason NOT to vote for them.

        • shiv – it is a simple question of numbers – numbers of votes, and that is exactly how many Muslim leaders have stated the West will be overcome by Islam!

          The long-term plan is working for them in England and Europe because of leftist hand-wringing fuck up governments over the past many years.

          America is so lucky – and it’s voters so wise – to elect Trump but European countries must come on board quickly and reverse the trend by electing leaders with some backbone!

          No government has any mandate to adopt policies which can change the country totally to one where the dominant culture which has existed for centuries is replaced with an alien culture – it is a betrayal of the past, present and of future generations to come!

    • Nope, sorry we didn’t.
      Just too many of the cultists particularlywithin London.

      Brexit is the start of a fightback against Islamisation of Europe.
      Turk muslims, no thanks. Refugees are people regardless but cultist beliefs need to renounced. We need to throw political correctness out of the door before we have more idiot Khan’s trying to enforce Sharia in OUR countries.
      Next hopefully Geert Wilders gets in as Holland prime minister, someone MUCH more eloquent and useful than Trump.

  2. What’s all these posts about native white Brits being wiped out by non whites? I find it quite hilarious when its mostly coming from people who live in a country that isn’t indigenously their own.

    Brits come in all colours there are huge amounts of mixed race part indigenous Brits and those born and bred Brits whose ancestors moved here from other continents, they are no less British because of their skin colour as are white Americans Australians Canadians etc. They are simply of ancestors from other parts of the world. I’m a non native Briton, no less British than Donald trump is American. Genetics has nothing to do with this.
    Islam is the enemy not non white Brits. THEY are the ones wiping out British culture nobody else, all other Brits be they native or not live in peace and are no less British here.

    The slimes are a threat to all of us non muslim here in the UK, unlike in America there is no major race crap here so pls stop trying to create one. All non-slime Britons are British and get along.

    • Dear Popsicle, You say, “there are huge amounts of mixed race part indigenous Brits”. Of course they ARE British! You say: “And those born and bred Brits whose ancestors moved here from other continents.” Of course, they are British, they became one of us and are extremely patriotic!

      Dear Popsicle, Please don’t misunderstand. It is a fact, that the globalists do want to destroy the white race and it is a fact that whites are targeted because of their white skin. Hating whites is ENCOURAGED by ruling elites and REWARDED.

      The Somali Muslim woman gang screamed “Kill the White Slag”. They left Rhea lying in the street unconscious after repeatedly kicking her in the head. The Muslims walked free from court. Giving the green light to Muslims to savagely attack whites.

      Racist White-haters Violently Attacking Whites is NOT regarded by ruling elites to be a Hate Crime, because we’re intensely HATED by the elites for our white skin (even though they have white skin).

      Look at the pics. The women are secular Muslims who are NOT religious and pose seductively. Non-religious Muslims DO drink alcohol. A well-known fact.
      When Rhea Page watched CCTV in court of herself being beaten unconscious by a Muslim girl gang and saw one of her attackers laughing she felt disgusted.

      The 22-year-old was determined to face her attackers and see justice done after she was viciously assaulted while waiting for a taxi with her boyfriend in Leicester city centre.

      The healthcare worker was bitterly disappointed as all four girls walked free from court for the random attack, which left Rhea with a bald patch where her hair was ripped out, because they were Somalian Muslims and not used to drinking alcohol.

      Far from feeling a sense of relief after her attackers’ sentencing Rhea feels like she has become a victim all over again, this time of a soft justice system which let her attackers walk free.

      Rhea told The Sun: ‘I was so shocked by the sentence, it was disgusting. It’s not sending out the right message about street violence.’

      And Rhea, who is still haunted by her attack 18 months ago, is disturbed by the fact her attackers, three sisters and a cousin, mentioned race in their defence when it was the the gang who screamed ‘kill the white slag’ at her….

      She said: ‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me. When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair then threw me on the ground….

    • Indigenous europeans have a right to be the racial majority of lands there ancestors died starved for generations with no welfair state from mideast taking care of them as they have 400 pound smart phones! It’s rasist for a foreign born or a non european to call a native european a bigot as they call for unbridled imigration into there country with no regard as if it’s a takeover of there nation as the indigenous ppl can’t afford anymore! Your the assholes why do u want so many non europeans in europe knowing 80% of the tax paying Natives and citizens dont! That should be the real question,a bit strange and very shady !

    • That’s like saying it’s what Americans deserve for voting Obama, I’m a Londoner and I didn’t vote for him, its a majority vote so the minority are now suffering the consequences

      • This IS what we deserve for ‘electing Obama’. WE brought treason, support for Islamist fanatics, destruction of American values and institutions, hatred and subversion of our Jewish allies and officially supported racial politics upon ourselves.

    • It’s what happens when the Muslims outnumber the Brits in London or more muslims showed up to vote.
      It fits right into “from within”

      • I am still numbed that London chose a muslim as mayor. And now this snarly thing called thought control, is sickening. I feel like I am watching a science fiction movie , when I think of London now. I will never go back to London again. It is just like walking into a muslim movie.

  3. hey sadiq khan,

    too friggin’ bad….the truth hurts, you nancy man…..muz are savages….that is all, you wanna change pislam, good luck…there would be nothing left to it if you took out all the jihad shit….you whiny baby…..and who elected this scum?

  4. Fight back against all attempts to squish our freedom of speech!

    Use Tails for everything you do like: gathering news, researching, and posting comments.

    What you will need:
    1. A PC with a DVD drive (or USB)
    2. Go to: and download newest Tails image (currently 2.5)
    3. Verify the checksum of the image (can usually be seen in your DVD burner app)
    4. Burn the image to a DVD
    5. Boot your PC from the DVD you just created
    6. At the greeting screen choose your language and a password
    7. Enjoy using the Internet anonymously and circumventing censorship
    8. Create new accounts to use with tails only (Email, FB, ect.) VERY IMPORTANT!

    A few words of caution:
    1. Use common sense!
    2. Never ever log into ANY account you have created without using tails.
    3. Never give away information that can be used to identify yourself!
    4. Change your identity often from the Tails desktop toolbar.
    5. Dont use tails for browsing your favorite websites in a manner you are used to. An example: if you usually check site A, B and C every morning, dont do that on Tails too! Behaveour like that can and is being used to reveal your true identity!
    6. I dont recomend installing Tails on a writable drive like a HDD or flashdrive, run Tails from a DVD, it cant be rewritten and thereby altered. That way every time you boot Tails its a fresh safe operating system, as all the changes you make when using Tails only resides in ram memory (data in ram is erased when the pc is shut off)
    7. If you need to store data (download a video ect.) use a removable USB drive!
    99. Use common sense!

    Bonni: You might want to put this info somewhere where people can find it. We live in times where people gets sent to jail for voicing their opinion and thoughts online. This is especially true in reichsfüherin Merkels Germany, but also England and other EU countries. When the shit hits the fan stored data might be used to hunt people in a way not unsimilar to what happened in nazi Germany all those years ago.

  5. I’d heard of this but in the mainstream media and it didn’t reveal as much info as here.
    BNI I’m not very tech savvy, can these guys tell who I am just by me posting here? Would they have to hack into your website first? This is all very unnerving, I fucking hate these bastards threatening my freedom and trying to suppress my intelligence, yet they let those slime protester bastards with the banners saying they’ll kill and rape us infidels walk scot free, where’s the 2fucking million to jail them!

    • It is my understanding that you can use the TOR browser which is a development of Firefox to hide your online activities from prying eyes. You can download it free. I have it on my computer and use it if ever I should visit ‘questionable’ websites. It can be installed alongside any other browser you have.

      “The Tor software protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

      The Tor Browser lets you use Tor on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux without needing to install any software. It can run off a USB flash drive, comes with a pre-configured web browser to protect your anonymity, and is self-contained (portable).”

  6. Please spread widely!

    ISIS/ISLAM want to DESTROY Western CIVILISATION, BRITISH CULTURE and FREE SPEECH. It is Terrifying and Frightening that UK authorities Want to Do the EXACT Same Thing as ISIS.

    From Liberty GB’s facebook page: LIBERTY GB: “Our election slogan (Western civilisation, British culture, free speech) has been deemed ‘offensive’ by the electoral commission.

    The establishment is trying to stop us from performing well in Batley and Spen. We need YOUR help to beat them. Please donate to our campaign today!”

    British State Deems Free Speech an ‘Offensive’ Term — Jack Buckby

    • This is 1984 made real! What a terrifying thought.

      Having read Orwell’s book many years ago I also downloaded and watched just a week or two ago, the 1950s movie ‘1984’.

      Well it is clear as a bell that we have now albeit 32 years late, reached 1984 in every way where:

      “War is peace – freedom is slavery – ignorance is strength”

      and two and two always make five!

      • I feel sick. This crisis of Islam and their response to us, the infidels, is spreading all over the world. America, London, Paris, etc. What in the hell can we do about it. Especially when our president in America is always for the Islamic view, not the American view. May God help us. We are coming to a great upheaval on this planet. And like the Ottomans fighting the Christians more than 800 years ago, we have to stand up and fight for our country and our religion. I am not Islamic and never will be.

  7. Jack Buckby, one of Britain’s Liberty GB’s top leaders is standing for By-Election and is Heavily Condemned, Demonised and Threatened with DEATH for doing so.

    One expert estimates that between one hundred thousand to one million of our little white girls and some boys have been gang raped by Muslims. It’s very urgent that Jack Buckby wins the election. We desperately need Liberty GB’s Jack Buckby to represent and speak for our people.

    Jack Buckby Discusses By-Election Candidacy with Gavin McInnes

  8. BNI is already blocked at Heathrow Airport. When I was there May 16, 2016, I was blocked by ARQIVA wifi. I screen shot the message. It read, “Sorry! Access Denied This location uses Content Filtering software to help keep children and vulnerable people safe online. The website you are trying to access has been identified as one which is restricted.”
    I was also blocked by Virgin Media at a residence while trying to load BNI. I guess we need to go on websites and find quotes from mayor of London that offend us and get sites blocked.

  9. So will they be persecuting Muslims that think evil thoughts against non muslims too?

    Here’s a thought Sadiq. Your holy book is only suitable for wiping a pigs ass and your prophet was a filthy goat fucking paedo.

  10. Who voted in this mudslime as mayor of London?
    Who voted Nemshi in as mayor of Calgary?
    Who voted in obama?

    People are their own worst enemies!

  11. I am going to report the London Mayor to the police for the hate speech and racist comments about white English people that he posts on his Facebook page.

    • Anon, The Muslim London Mayor is the son of Pakistani immigrants.

      In all of history, immigrants that were taken into countries were always deeply grateful to their new country, worked hard, were extremely patriotic, loved their new country and people and became one of us.

      In sharp contrast, the Muslim mayor, son of Pakistani immigrants is possessed with a Very Frightening, All-Consuming Hate for our white English people.

      In his Very Powerful position as mayor, the Muslim mayor’s hate speech and racist comments against our white English people (the very people who took in his Pakistani immigrant parents) are certainly going to influence and incite Muslims to violent attacks against our people.

      The sad thing is, there is no one, not the police, or anyone who will protect our native English people.

      It’s Extremely Urgent that Civilian Defence Groups are formed all over Britain to protect our people.

      • Hello my Patriot friends. !!! Please do SHARE let’s awaken the sheep ! Thank you Patriot Canadians ! We need to protect this great peaceful country and our future generation from radical islam,shariya Law Menance,Criminals who come in without being screened,,and political correct corrupt Politicians like Justin Trudeau.Lets all the like minded people like us who Love Canada join as one Big team please this one time lets do it together.Show Canada and the world we had enough this will be rude awakening to countries like Sweden etc.who are waiting to break loose.
        High treason by Trudeau and Liberals!!!! Please and thank you Ethics commissioner do your job, all government politicians and employees your compliance to the Nazi Islamic agenda by compliance is treason. It is time to speak out now, or be held accountable later !!!!!! The courts of our lands will bring justice !!!! Clearly evident Trudeau’s government, compliant with an invasion, Trump did the right thing. Democratically we must remove this government ! We need our million man march contact all Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Christian. Bhudists,eat womans right groups,ay community whom the the muslims hate ,Conservatives, every kind of organization you can think of plan it for a couple months send a feed to Fox news all our cultures have been persecuted by Islamofascism !!!! We must unite, the enemy lies within in Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia the Muslim Brotherhood is a Terrorist organization !!! That comprises many individuals within our government, many promote Sharia !! Paid to uphold and protect civil law, promotion of religious law a direct conflict of interest and high treason. ! US has bill before Congress, to also designate Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist organization. We all take one day on a Friday millions !!! Unite !!!! contact many groups and orginizations CANADA wide ! A peaceful gathering to gain INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION send it out to everyone all Networks globally live news feed lots of interesting clear and concise informative signs !!!! JUST one day to change a Nation no school, work, man , woman and child we march against the invasion. We must collect our signs when protests are done, and be civil and respectful of the people and our surroundings so don’t be like lunatic Liberals ! It just has to be well co ordinated and Orginized, do what Soros does in a good way these orginizers we need PEOPLE that must be cream of the crop !!!!! Make it an International embarrassment and maybe an FBI Investigation into Trudeau’s liberals. !!!!! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPPEN . Silence is compliance ! Why do we have a prime Al-Qaeda recruitment centre in Trudeau’s home riding of Papineau ? Or a mosque on the International terror list !!! High treason we must march, man woman and child Trudeau must resign or whatever process of government must be used to remove him !!! The only limits are those of vision !!!!! Soros and the loony lefts greatest strength is organizing, because of finances and mainstream rascist media. Liberalism the politics of division, contact rebel media and Breitbart and any alternative media that would show interest I know two more and plan it for a couple months. I have a friend that is a carpenter, which made me think floats depicting life in each Nation under Sharia so lots of Burkas. Have a traditional couple 60 year men in marriage garb and his 10 year old bride and different aspects of Sharia lashings, etc. Signs with stats like Sweden on rape before and after the invasion, Collages if Cologne Germany New Year’s Eve 1250 victims raped and assaulted, pictures of victims from assaults , raped even make a teen girl image to out on a float with her face burned off from an acid attack. the muslims in Kashmir india chased away kashmir hindu pundits by systematically looting there property raping killing them chased them away now they live as refugees in their own land,Same in Pakistan and Bangladesh the hindus and christians are bothered or prosecuted if not agreeing to convert to Islam.We must be creative but truthful, paint the picture truth will make them ashamed to see what they support ! I stand by my statement the enemy lies within !!! Obama is the MESSENGER !!!! SOROS is the new HITLER and Liberal parties worldwide have been infiltrated by Nazis. !!! In those news feeds say millions of global citizens warning us, give them good sources and truth like White Helmets and Hamas are Terrorists. We must use all our skill sets, we all have something to contribute have children draw pictures of Sharia then ask them if they would like that ? now a Bill is being passed #M103 to protect muslims no one can talk about Islam,if so what about the Muslim mocking and attacking Other Religions?We must do whatever we can We need GREAT organizers !!!! We together are the political STORM to save our Nation !`

  12. As an Englishman, I find the presence of muslims in my country quite offensive. Islam is a political ideology and barely qualifies as a religion. Khan was elected on the muslim/ lefty unholy alliance and you ain’t seen nothing yet. If the Thought Police read this (my two visitors from Special Branch included) visit me any time. I STILL despise muslims for being muslim. I STILL describe Islam as a Religion of Hate. And finally, that good old British saying to all muslims : ” UP YOURS”.

    • “barely qualifies as a religion.”
      Mic, the damnable thing is only a religion in that it demands it’s pitiful entrapped hoards to follow its evil religiously or be killed themselves.Otherwise there is absolutely NOTHING in the way of ANY historical foundation for the nasty thing. It is truly simply a very evil insane old freaks nonsensical scribblings which only exists because of its built in terror threat. Just look at Isis and you will understand perfectly what IZSLIME is ALL about.

  13. Travel agencies and all governments are going to have to warn their people with the frightening information that if they visit Britain they can be arrested for breaking Britain’s blasphemy law.

    We can expect a lot more Muslim Sharia Gangs in London and the rest of the UK.

    People want to feel safe when they visit other nations. They don’t want to be in a Constant State of Fear the entire time they’re there.

    American Student Brutally Beaten by Muslim Sharia Gang in London

  14. I have 0 sympathy for the Brits who voted for him. “You knew I was a snake before you let me in”, as Trump is fond of saying. BTW, this is probably just the beginning of what is coming your way, Londonistan.

    • “You knew I was a snake before you let me in”
      Sharon I’m not sure they actually did know, I really believe it is sheer ignorance. It seems obvious to me that MOST people are still listening to the old lying mainstream media which is totally supporting izslime. We are like school children who completely trust everything that our teachers tell us. I for one hate the evil lying MSMs more than I do izslime, it is becaus of them that we have so much of a problem with the vile horror. If they we’re revealing the things that BNI reveals it would be a different world.

      • As far as London is concerned, my understanding is that it was the large Muslim population, libtards and the wealthier London residents (who rarely come in contact with Muslims) who allowed his victory. Those who did not support him are going to have increasingly difficult times with him at the helm. I would move away (if possible) before matters get any worse.

        Checking off London from any future vacation trips. Glad I experienced it back in the early ’70s. I will hold onto those memories. The real London is gone forever. I would love to see the look on the faces of vacationers when they first realize that it is now Londonistan. The destruction of London is one of history’s most saddest moments.

        • Yes Sharon I agree, I have never been much of a traveler but London WAS the one place I would like to have visited. My grandfather came from there and settled in Texas when he was a young man. I have British ties but the Britain I wanted to visit is no more, thanks to the evil GLOBS and muzslime.

  15. The unique and beautiful nation of Britain more and more resembles a Muslim nation due to Massive Muslim Colonisation. Unless things change drastically, Britain will be gone. Forever. And Britain will no longer be remembered as the white Christian nation it once was. It will be an Islamic nation all without firing a single shot.

    The 56 nations that are now Islamic were Conquered by the Sword.

    All Muslim nations happily keep THEIR Culture, Halal, Sharia Law and their way of life

    British and European leaders DO NOT ALLOW our nations to keep Our Culture, our NON-Halal food and Our Laws based on the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule — Bible, Matthew 7:12 “Treat people the same way you want them to treat you for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

    For the sole reason we don’t belong to the Islamic Military/Political Cult of Warlord Mohammad, our leaders are determined to UTTERLY DESTROY Our Safety, Our Freedom, Our Happiness and WESTERN CIVILISATION

    A Terrible Crime Against our people. We dare not be reduced to tiny, terrified minorities living in daily Fear and Terror of Muslims like the Christians in Pakistan.

    • “All Muslim nations happily keep THEIR Culture, Halal, Sharia Law and their way of life”
      Linda it’s the difference between having something you dedicate your whole life to and those who don’t have that anchor. Britain lost her faith many years ago and has stood for nothing for so long that anyone one with a strong opinion can come along and sway and beguile the easily misled, it is truly sad. The war which is soon coming will be the final war between good and evil. I believe I understand where Europe will be but I cannot figure the place of the United States. We have lost much of our faith anchor also, but there are still millions of truly good people here, as there are in Britain.

  16. I guess we here on BNI will all be doing time together in prison. I for one will NOT keep quiet. will Not conform to anyone. So arrest me now because I will purposely say more home truths about Muslims and their disgusting vile ideology.

    Khan will hopefully be assassinated, I’m surprised he has not been already.

  17. Well you know what Mayor? FU and the dirty people who voted you into office so you can destroy London even more than you filthy animals have already done. Your people serve no use on this planet. Pear Harbor was bad but what the Muslims have been doing has even been more horrendous worldwide and you should all be rounded up and be made to dissapear. You dirty filthy Muslims always claim racism or islamaphobia and claim your being persecuted like the Jews did. You can’t compare your self to the Jews cause the Jews where innocent and wherent killing people like your filthy so called religion does. Take your thought police and stick em up your ass . Your a loser, a terrorist and garbage. Wait till the people of England wake up and start dragging you all in the streets and ending you all. That will happen .

  18. Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Qom, Mashhad and Tehran are among the cities where evil is so concentrated that they have earned massive fusion reactions. Sadly, London is well on its way towards adding itself to the list.

  19. Put me in jail, I don’t care! This mayor Khan, should keep his big fat beak out of how we run our affairs in London and the rest of the UK! I was gutted he got voted in as mayor and knew what he wants for London and the rest of us, SHARIA LAW! There are big enclaves of Muslims in London, Birmingham etc,they stick together, vote for each other and obviously are being funded by the Saudis to promote the Ismalization of the UK! Well it makes me mad! I won’t have anything to do with them and hit them where it hurts (don’t go into, or buy anything from their shops or curry houses, they could be poisoning us) they ain’t getting my money! I am not racist, just keeping my guard up against a backward religion! A lot of people I speak to think the same, we know what’s going on and will not be fooled by them!

    • ” I am not racist, just keeping my guard up against a backward religion!”
      Ummm Nor, no need to apologize here, in fact we don’t EVER apologize about outright total hate for the NON “religion” of izslime, and by the way hating izslime has NOTHING to to with ANY race.

  20. In reality he has very little power on such things he can say all he likes but laws are not passed by Mayor’s and neither are police and judges appointed by them. But if he starts to get too big for his sneakers the silent white minority in London will remove him.

    What people do not realize the vast majority of people who work in London especially the city live nowhere near it. They travel in every day from miles away. If you visit the city the financial centre it’s deserted.

    It’s a bit like how Obama got in power the black man will look after us well that hasn’t quite gone to plan has it he stays in power for 4 years only.

  21. Someone, somewhere, is playing with the real world as if it was a videogame. Sending the muderous bloody Jihad attack on Charlie Hebdo as a ”Start” to the psycho-political Jihad on Freedom of speech (and now, thought !!!) in the West…These projects: the police of thought, surrendering of the Internet to the U.N., the massive, organised manipulation of the medias, laws against ”hate speech” popping up in different parts of the world…they all come from the same source.

    N.B. : The murderous incitations to violence proferred by the so-called Prophet, and his criminal recommendations for paedophilia, slavery, violence against women, genocide of the non-believers … all this very REAL and dangerous hate speech will never be considered as such under ”the police of tought” or in the ”hate crime” définitions because they are from a so called RELIGION, and as such, ”untouchable and sacred”.

    Only the Muslims will be authorized to define, repress, -and USE- ”hate speech” !!!
    The Hitlers of our time have found just the right book to use in their project of world domination…But we SEE them….

    This Global videogame, and this Sadist (”Sadique” is the french word for ”sadist’), they have to be stopped.
    It’s all about a sick thirst for power, and big, big money.

    • Yes it can. It isn’t anything new. For example, peer to peer file sharing apps basically fall into this category. But it’s becoming more encrypted and anonymous with things like tor and private VPN servers. With tor someone can actually set up an anonymous server that doesn’t have an IP address and can only be reached via tor.

      Really “dark net” just means “anything not indexed on Google” and usually anything without a domain name. But the hardcore stuff adds encryption and anonymity features like anonymous routing though multiple proxies.

  22. Now that’s pretty bad. Shouldn’t they be trying to control and arrest terrorists who use that same internet to commit their crimes instead?

  23. I only comment in the 1st person only or use proven fact`s , otherwise you will be arrested for incitement to others and jailed ,[ ed uk ] it is only applied with rigor when islam is concerned !

  24. What! Thought crime! What a load crap!
    Its probably a ploy to convert more people,afterall most British prisons are really just state funded mosques and terror training facilities.

    If I was ever to be arrested for commenting on here it would surely garner some media attention,and earn me a court appearence.

    On my day at court i will proudly wear a BNI t-shirt,and stand by my statements, any publicity is good publicity.

    Just think if more and more British people commented on these issues not just here but all over the public domain,they couldn’t jail everyone.or could they?

    Recently we transferred one of our notorious killers,”The Yorkshire ripper”
    From a mental hospital to a regular jail,
    And guess what, the members of the ‘religion of peace’ that are locked up there have taken him under there wing!!!
    Conversion sure to follow!

    Any degenerate murdering beast is welcome in Mohammad’s paedophile club!

  25. Big mistake electing that Paki…Sharia law is right around the corner and the Brits would not even realize what hit them. Massive Islamic deportations are the answer. Once Trump is elected and we start deporting the Brits can follow suit….a good plan, indeed. I will never visit london again as long as that snake is mayor.

  26. well done to those non-muslims who voted for a muslim-pupppet mayor–you were warned–london will be totally islamic very quickly–muslims do not integrate but you knew that

    • terry, UK leaders, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown and Cameron colonised with Muslims, OUR INHERITANCE passed down to us from one generation to the next, our inheritance that our people built up, fought and died for — our tiny, cherished island with Muslims in such massive numbers, that OUR London is now minority white English.

      Tourists to London ask in shock, “Where are the English?”

      It is the Muslim majority and the Left who voted in a Muslim mayor, the son of Pakistani immigrants for mayor of London.

      In Pakistan, Christians suffer EXTREME PERSECUTION from Muslims. THERE IS NO ONE TO PROTECT CHRISTIANS IN PAKISTAN. No one. Tragically, the same thing is happening in Britain.

      Christians who are DESPERATE to flee Extreme Persecution from Muslims in Pakistan are mostly barred by Western leaders from escaping into our countries.

      It’s the same thing in Europe. WHITE BRITISH and WHITE EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS are INTENSELY HATED by British and European leaders who punish our people for not being Muslim and for being white — the Colour of our Skin that our Precious Creator Chose to give us.

      Behind the Rabid Hate for White Skin, is RABID HATE for our Glorious Creator.

    • The muzlim savages have what Germans wanted in WW2. A stepping stone to the rest of the world.
      With the election of a muzlum mayor to the capital of the UK they have their first stepping stone. This is just the beginning of the end for the UK.

  27. I am old enough to remember clearly when visiting London, my surprise at seeing in an upmarket part of London, some white-robed figures who it turned out were Arabs resident in London. There were not a lot of them at that time.

    At the time, 1973 – 1975 (when I finally departed England) Arabs were virtually unknown in the rest of England.

    This is only 40 years ago and look at the scum-bucket place London has now become!

    This small influx was immediately following the vast increases in the oil price by the Arab nations holding western industry hostage and which transferred massive amounts of money to those nations temporarily depriving the Western and global economies of those funds, precipitating the global financial crisis we continue to suffer from! Eenually of course those ‘petro-dollars’ had to be placed back into global circulation as the Arabs had no clue what to do with all this money and their so-called religion prohibits normal money management in the Western progressive idiom.

    That money is what has allowed Islam to spread across the globe like the cancerous growth it is. The Western politicians who failed utterly to respond correctly to Opec demands at that time are to blame for setting in motion and facilitating this process. The spread of Islam has been funded by the most wealthy Arab country, Saudi Arabia from which comes the radical sect of Wahabi-ism. The plan exists somewhere there to dominate and subjugate the West, that much is now clear.

    The Western nations should in fact, we can see clearly now with the perfect vision of hindsight, have invaded the Middle East and taken over those lands in order to stop the global collapse which has followed.

    But of course Western leadership at that time and now has been leftist, stupidly liberal and weak- thus no such action was taken. The response was and still is, total capitulation to all such ultimatums.

    • Yes I remember 1973. They openly laughed at and mocked the poor stupid indigenous on the underground trains. So cute. Keep thinking cash. We were still in the “Russians wiped out Hitler and we took ALL the credit mode”. Reality dawns. Bon voyage. We will need a lot of Phillapino mayors to make it,

  28. I have just been looking at his facebook page and many people are complaining about the clubs and nightlife closing down. Land space of clubs is being used for development. Smells of corruption. Many saying they voted for him and are now disappointed he is not doing enough to save the club scene of London. No fun allowed in islime.

  29. After transiting through London on numerous occasions I saw the rapid and hideous transformation of a once great mega city turn into a pisslamic metropolis of mosques and sharia gangs. HOW on earth did this anti humanity savage get elected mayor? And HOW dare he even suggest to attack free speech. This is treason and totally unacceptable. If your reading this post Sadiq Khan, I recommend you to change your name to sadist cunt. Go back to crapistan where you belong. You can roll around in the mire with your muslime mates all you want.

  30. Over a week ago we had a burgler trying to enter our house.
    The dogs asked him to leave and he went, but left a bandanna with eye holes cut into it.
    I phoned the police and was on the phone for forty five minutes, NO ANSWER.
    I went onto their website and used their reporting system, NO ANSWER.
    I phoned again and after 15 minutes finally got to speak to someone, when i complained about the 45 minute wait he said they were receiving an unprecedented amount of calls.
    After he took the details he said someone would be in touch, to this day NO ONE HAS.

    They do not respond to crime anymore unless it is anti ISLAMIC.
    Khan i hate you and your ilk and want you gone, prosecute me you complete WANKER.

    • English I am very sorry for what your people are going through. You took the right decision in regards to brexit and I commend you for that, but that major needs to go and brits must start to populate London, and become ethnical majority again in this city. My best wishes to you all.

      • Here in Australia, the cops don’t do anything unless if you’re speeding down the Calder Freeway with an unregistered vehicle. Then they give a shit

    • English, All resources are spent on Muslims. Real crimes, and Most of All, Crimes Against Non-Muslims are Maliciously Ignored. The top priority is tracking down non-Muslims who said something truthful about Islam.

      Also, 80% of Muslims in Britain and Europe are permanent parasites living on welfare. This does NOT leave enough money for police and what money there is goes to tracking down non-Muslims who said something truthful about Islam.

      Several months ago, someone on another internet site who lived in London, said that it was impossible to keep his partner safe because of the Muslims. Muslims tried to kidnap his partner whilst she was waiting at the bus stop. He said he had to leave Britain because of this.

      It was also said that adult white females were being kidnapped off the streets of London by Muslims and when the police were informed their response was that they couldn’t do anything about it.

      As the police refuse to protect non-Muslims (even though non-Muslims are the ones who pay taxes), our people absolutely must form civilian defence groups all over Britain and Europe.

      50 Million Muslims In Europe, 80% Are Beggars and Criminals Living on Western Welfare

      • Oh goodness Linda R! Thanks for the video. If this video was easily seen by us, why can’t American or English governments have seen this (and other videos and sources) and realized the truth…the truth of muslim plans to conquer and slaughter us “infidels”? Of course government knows and sees all with their high tech abilities…then why are they allowing it, knowing muslims mean to murder us all, including top ranking officials? Is the left wing really that stupid? I am sitting here intensely mortified that the Obama administration SEES what’s happening in Europe, yet seems INTENT speeding up the process as quickly as possible! It’s like they’re begging, “Please! Come quickly and rape our babies and women…behead us! Come now!” I guess it’s all part of God’s plan and I shouldn’t question Him, after all, He did say He would give evil people over to a reprobate mind!

  31. Some thought is needed here.
    1. Is this on-line policing extended beyond London to the rest of the UK? What mandate gives him this right if this is so?
    2. Is hate one-way only? Is posting on this site the initiator of hate or has hate been initiated by the act of policing it? To explain … the act of setting aside money (for on-line policing of posts that aim to freely speak up about important issues even though the speech may offend some people) is an act which is itself hateful to people who value free speech. Of course the narrative will be that on-line postings will cause offense and therefore will be hateful, but what happens to the feelings of offense when no postings can be made??
    3. Surely the best way is to take the offensive. This “hate speech” is largely defined by what people feel. Londoners should not feel gagged but must indeed be offended by anything that muslims do that change what is currently the british way. I take offense at comments by the mayor of London which are derogatory about well-shaped women in swimwear that demonstrates what good living can do for a body.
    Feel offended, Londoners, and get your police working for you!

  32. Heck, we have a Muslim PRESIDENT in America!!! Shame he didn’t tell us until it was too late…but by 2012 our idiots (or cheaters) kept him in office. His actions were subtle and done secretly, in the night hours when fewer noticed his treason. Here lately, it’s as if he doesn’t care who knows what he does, nor does he care about consequences our country will have to pay. He’s out in the open with his debauchery, possibly taking his cue from London’s mayor. And it’s only getting worse.

    • Kellie, but he did. I spent the first 4 months of this blogs existence in 2008 trying to tell people that he was a muslim, not a Christian. Of course, I had virtually no readers back then.

      • Before 2008 Muslims used to brag that they would have a Muslim as President in 2008. It is clear that the American people have been cheated.

      • Of course, back then it was just assumed that this “community organizer” and his campaign would fizzle out long before the primary season ended!

      • Had I only known you existed, BNI!! Thank you for all the information you give us. I can’t express my gratitude enough.
        I knew something wasn’t right about him and didn’t vote for him. The longer his face was plastered across the TV screen, the more I detested him. And rightly so.

    • Anyone who was actually listening to this POS and what he was saying knew. I spent a lot of time trying to talk to people about what he had in mind for this country, his deceit, his Muslim faith, the 57 states…he laid it all out for us to see…to no avail. And to the point that I “offended” my oldest daughter so much that she snapped at me and told me to shut up already, she would vote for the “hope and change and this was ‘historical”! You just can’t fix stupid, unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer.

  33. House of Islam, House of War…..this Islamic mayor is implementing Sharia on infidel soil because defending freedom is ‘racist’ or something. Dhimmitude. Watching our future of ‘diversity’ unfold before our eyes….sadness.

  34. London, what were you thinking? Non Muslims are still the majority, yet you voted this POS in? Did you think the fact he is Muslim wouldn’t matter? He is the enemy, regardless of what comes out of his mouth! Look what he is doing now. Mayor of London named Khan is an obscenity.

  35. Considering all the minorities who were given a hard timei or had the crap beaten out of them for not looking “right” or looking in the wrong direction – before the great flood of “cheap labor”, this is one hell of a turn about for England and Euroslavia. This is nothing short of collapse.

  36. Unless there is a successful assassination, it is over for England’s capital city.
    I am waiting for that terror attack to occur. Something has to happen to wake up the collective British psyche.

    • Beirut should fit right in there as the city to model with the Muslim cash for country success story ever expanding. So many sell their souls to the Muslim Devils incarnate.

        • The problem in Lebanon began when King Hussein finally got wise during “Black September” 1970 and massacred the Palestinian “refugee” freeloaders who had largely worn out their welcome in Jordan. Their survivors fled into Syria, and the Syrians, not particularly wanting them there either, drove Fatah into Lebanon.

          The Lebanese, for some reason, soon tired of them in their country too, culminating in the wholesale massacres in the refugee camps in Beirut in 1982.

  37. One Hundred years ago the world was in flames with war and genocide they called it The War to End all Wars or The Great War or The War of 1914-1918.Many of my own Australian Family left family and friends behind to take the long sea voyage to fight for the Mother Country against German Militarism and their Turkish Allies.Many died in the mud and blood of France and Belgium,thousands have no graves lost beneath the mud or obliterated by gunfire including two of my uncles who died at the mincing machine called Ypres.I wonder what those grand old heroes who gave it all would think of England as it bends before a Fascist Muslim invader.Perhaps England will fall after all..not to a Nazi invasion but to one of their main allies Islam.I hope I don’t live long enough to see it.

    • I spoke to man who was a very young man in London during WW2. There were almost as many who wanted to surrender to Hitler and his Muslims as wanted to fight on. Without another Churchill the English speaking world is well and truly screwed. Grovelling and bending over for Muslim cash and favor IS NOT CIVILIZATION!

      • In June of 1940, the British Government camevery close to commencing “negotiations” for “peace” with Hitler.

    • The British were just as responsible for WW1 as much as the Germans, like the French and Russians, oh you Anglo-Saxons with your distorted nonsense. The British have undertaken more wars of aggression than the Germans in the last 500 years. The British empire was founded on genocide, the American indian, the Australian native, the opium war in china and the biggest slave traders in history.

      So maybe the British deserve whats coming for them, The SPIRIT of Australian aboriginals revenge, who you slaughtered and destroyed.

      • Jac, I see you’ve got the hate thing going pretty good, you are just directing it rather stupidly. Get up to date and aim it at izslime if we don’t get the damnable muzslime under control NOTHING else is going to matter, do you understand that at all Jac??

        • Don, I strongly suspect that Jack is a Muslim in Australia pretending to be of the aboriginal race.

          It’s very strange that Jack mentions only the ‘American Indian’ and doesn’t appear to know that they are throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America and South America. It’s also very strange that Jack makes no mention of New Zealand Maoris!

          ALL these people are NON-Muslims and are in the Exact Same Danger as All other non-Muslims.

          • Interesting Linda, I’ll bet you are right, and absolutely izslime is the sludge of the entire earth no one is safe from the nasty evil. I wish more people understood that…. You would appreciate this I believe Linda, did you know that wish is one of the words in he Greek lexicon that describes prayer? So I am PRAYING that more people come to understand the true intent and purpose of the horror of izslime. It’s the ignorance about the vile thing that is killing us. That is why the nasty mayor wants all TRUTH about it quashed.

      • Jack, Please don’t blame the British PEOPLE for the wicked crimes of our leaders.

        Do you so utterly fail to understand that native American Indians in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Central America and South America and Australian aborigines and New Zealand Maoris, will all suffer terribly along with the rest of our non-Muslim people if our Western leaders and Muslims succeed in their wicked plans against non-Muslims?

        There’s nothing for you to gloat about. And all the people you mentioned, they’re my brothers and sisters.

        From Islam’s beginning, Muslims have always striven to create enmity between different people groups — DIVIDE AND CONQUER. We must ALL stand together in the terrible battle waged against us.

        Why do you IGNORE the savage slavery of non-Muslims by Muslims? Slavery and Sex Slavery of non-Muslims has always been a HUGE part of Islam since Islam was started by serial rapist and huge sex slaver, Warlord Mohammad. Mega millions of non-Muslims were captured for slaves by Muslims. Millions of white European Christians were captured by Muslims for slaves and sex slaves.

        Hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents have been savagely put to death by Muslims. Do you even know about the Armenian genocide?

        Have you taken part in street demos and marches protesting cruel Muslim slavery of non-Muslims? Our people have. I long for the day when every slave is free.

        Jihad Slavery in Sudan, with Dr Charles Jacobs

      • Jack, Why do you ignore the fact that Muslims Conquered 56 Nations by the Sword ? Muslims Soaked the Earth with the BLOOD of Non-Muslim innocents.

      • Jack: I get tired of pointing out to people that the huge majority of American Indians (natives) were actually wiped out by smallpox that the white settlers brought over. Most of victims never even met a white. I’m half German, but Im telling you the English were not “just as responsible for WWII as the Germans”. And, the English were not “the biggest slave traders in history” – that award goes to the Mudslime. I think Linda is right. You are either a closet Muslim. Or ignorant.

  38. Although the lady lives in France, will the Muslim London mayor and UK thought police try to prosecute the Frenchwoman for speaking the TRUTH, that non-Muslims live in DAILY FEAR of Muslims who wage daily jihad against them?

    Our indigenous people pay taxes for physical protection from the violent, but are not protected, but persecuted for SPEAKING TRUTH. This is the Death of Civilization.

    Resident of Calais speaks. This is the death of civilization.

  39. When a nation’s leaders make freedom of speech of their indigenous people — telling the TRUTH a crime, terrible things are planned for our people. The ONLY people who will be Safe, Happy and Free are Muslims.

    A climate of Extreme Stress and Fear is being created in native Brits and all non-Muslims who reside in Britain. It’s psychological warfare against non-Muslims. All the rights of non-Muslims are being destroyed.

    This is the Very Frightening Reality for Brits and Europeans:

    With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations

  40. So. A Muslim bastard can behead an old lady or a military drummer in the middle of the day and that is OK? BUT, if a British citizen complains about this, then THEY are told to shut up under threat of going to jail? This is crazy. So, Brits, just keep your thumbs up your butt and keep that goofy liberal loony tune look on your face and all will be well! This edict is going to anger a lot of sane Brits and cause them to rise up in the streets. I hope they do so in a grand fashion!

    • Burkasareugly, the Brits have risen up against Islam, but they get shoved in jail. See Dearborn, where Muslims throw lumps of concrete at Christians and only the Christians are arrested. Same as UK.
      There are terrorist cells in the USA waiting for the order to ‘go’. An ex terrorist has given information but nothing is done. There are Muslim training camps.
      The FBI discovered a document by the Muslim Brotherhood, The Strategy Plan. The White House smothered it thus allowing Muslims to drift into the last stages before takeover of USA. CAIR shows contempt for American laws, nothing Is done. Muslims pray on White House lawns. No one objects.
      How many listen to Ezra Levant, Canada and David Goode, USA?
      So before you are tempted to write nasty opinions about the Brits, look in your own backyard. The Brits started the EDL which spread throughout the world. What do you have?
      The only countries not bending the knee to Islam are Myanmar and China and the people use physical strength to preserve their way of life. This gives you the rest of the world on which to vent your spite.

    • Muslims want all indigenous converted or dead. Sorry son, Animal Farm is a bit too civilised for the Koran and Mosquitos. You are converted or dead men tell no tales. Londoners and Eurosods made their beds.

  41. Doesn’t Linda R. live in England? Nazi- like Storm Troopers in London? So beyond disgusting! I love London, but it’s off limits to me, with that mayor in power! So sad.

    • Dee, I’m native English. I live in America and have lived many years in America. I LOVE and care deeply for both America and Britain. All I want is for our people to be safe, happy and free.

      • To Linda R: I’m glad you live in the US! I thought you were in London,! My bad! I’m definitely American born and raised, but my heritage is predominately British, Irish, and Swedish. ((Some Native-American, also). The last time I was in London,was in 1978,and had a great time with a friend of mine,in Scotland and England! Early this year, I thought about returning, but not now, until that ass of a mayor is ” trussed and stuffed up where the sun don’t shine,” so to speak! I live in one of the biggest gun states of the U.S.,TEXAS! Europe needs guns in the hands of the native population! Are all the cops muzzies?? Just too scary to contemplate!

        • DDD, Not all police are Muslims, however, there are plenty of Muslim police and they even have their own Muslim police association.

          Every day for years, I am angry and deeply grieved that UK authorities ALLOWED Muslims to wage RAPE JIHAD on a WAR time scale on Britain’s little white girls — gang rapes, tortures and forced prostitution and sex slavery. What could be more EVIL and SATANIC?

  42. One thing is clear. The Jews always lead the way. I look at the Muslim hechaer on food packaging (and know for sure) that there is NOTHING in Islam that requires their salt, for instance to carry a hechaer…… And now this. You see, we were the first to start shouting ‘ati semite this, anti semite that. They are just following us! ☺

  43. Got a mate living in Londontown Must phone him ask him if his 6 year old daughter has been molested yet.. Khan another mussy nutter like obambam time will tell I am really confused how the likes of these can think they will change the ways off 8 billion folks It will get messy before it gets better

  44. Al, I tend to agree with you!!! BTW, here in California, USA, up the road from me in Riverside County, 2 Refugee kids attending a public elementry school were found to have Hansen’s disease, that means they are LEPERS!! Vetting? The media does not want it known they are refugees. The school closed, and they are cleaning the entire school. Of course they tell the parents “don’t worry”, all is well. ah, except my grandson goes to school up there… Told his mom to teach him to ring a bell, and yell unclean, just incase. Oh, guess that Nazi in London, would have me jailed if I said, watch out for diseases you only have read about, and surely, DO NOT want to deal with. Ha HA liberal idiots, let’s see if you keep your mouth shut, even if disease breaks out……….?

  45. This is awful! Quite a few of commenters are from UK. I value their comments and insights! I know that you would miss them terribly, Bonni, if they could not offer their insights and comments. I hope the British people fight back in some way and regain control of their country and their lives!

    • Yes, quite so. When you can risk imprisonment for speaking the truth, then you know that the death of civilisation( certainly in the UK and Europe ) is not far away. Lets hope that the US can escape this terrible fate.

      I guess thats all from me from now on,

      Yours in sorrow,


      P.s Just exchanging contracts on a house a long way from The Islamic Republic of Londonistan , to a place which is Death-Cult free, and where you actually hear people speaking English, woo-hoo!!!

      • Muzzo, I’ll miss you and your comments very much. God bless and protect you and your family, Stay safe. In sorrow, Linda.

        • Thanks, Linda, I’ve always had great respect for your forthright and prolific comments. I shall still be doing all I can here to raise awareness of the deadly threat to civilisation,( though I shan’t of course be declaiming Winston Churchill’s words on street corners!)
          As you know, most people here are dangerously ignorant of the Islamic threat, but I do see many signs of raised awareness, so I haven’t given up hope yet!!

        • Muzzo, You’re doing a lot, doing your best to raise awareness! God bless you!

          Maybe one future day we here at BNI can all meet, but I think that would have to be in God’s future Kingdom on earth!

          In the great Battle between Good and Evil, the Bible is Very Clear that Almighty God wins!

  46. AK. So you think “London got what they deserved”. Did you take the time to listen Paul Weston’s video for Liberty GB? Re how this guy could get elected mayor? He pointed out that white londoners are now a minority of the people there. Get it now?
    Certain areas are nearly pure muslim. Possibly coming to a neighborhood near you?
    Hope not.


  47. Thank you BNI for this info.

    I shall add this to my priority one research subject, the destruction of freedom speech to silence everyone opposing Islam. I have already identified this Mayor as so has many others, as an enemy of Freedom, supporting not only “Islamization of Britain” but also of the West. The fact that Australia is not a Republic linked to Britain is making us now very vulnerable as the Labor Party, the Liberals and the Greens are all submitting to the dictatorship of Islamic Demand.

    I am getting old, but I am not going to stop fighting back… our Grandchildren deserve the right to live free as us ‘Baby Boomers’ enjoyed, before Socialist & Christian idiot leaders opened the gates and let Islam invade the West.

    The young need to restructure themselves not as one ‘Freedom Resistance’ in their country, but as a ‘Global Freedom Resistance’ movement with chapters in every Nation.

    We must lift the bar of ‘Freedom Resistance Higher’ to stop ‘Islamization of the West’ we must oppose all forms of anti-freedom belief systems, which means we must slam, Anti-Freedom Socialism and anti-freedom Islam head on in the West, and we must speak against Communism & Fascism. We will not defeat Islam until we first defeat the left in all of its forms of ‘Totalitarianism.

    And the frontline fight begins with Protection & Defence of ‘Freedom of Speech’ which means in every Western Constitution as a mandatory added amendment, anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be outlawed and anti-liberty ‘Sharia Law’ must also be outlawed.

      • The Australian Labor Party – and Gough Whitlam were instrumental in foisting ‘multiculturalism’ on a country which was getting along quite happily without it.

        • As you know Whitlam is dead now, died at 98 years. But his policies continue. And the situation is now worse as all the big parties Labor, Liberal & Greens are submitting to acceptance of ‘Islamization of Australia’.

          Except for Fred Nile who has opposed Islam since before 2,000 the majority of Christian Church Leaders are quiet, many choosing to copy Pope Francis, and seek to make friends with Muslims including Pell.

          The Jews in Northern Sydney suburbs clinging to their demands for the creation of Eruv’s are silent against anti-freedom apartheid Islam. The Eruv location layouts makes the Jews an identified target by ‘Jihad Muslims’ down the track. The same scenario is true in Melbourne and probably all other capital cities in Australia.

          I feel absolute anger at one is happening to Australia. And 50% of Aussies are still refusing to learn the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’. When I posted recently a six page pdf document about the hejab to my global friends, one of my cousins, 73 years old, replied that she saw nothing wrong with the hejab. I replied did you read the six page report, which included what the hejab actually means to Muslims? I got no reply. She just keeps sending jokes, but will not read about serious concerns. Like I said a minimum of 50% Aussies are still apathetic, actually I think the number is far higher in percentage.

  48. I sure hope anything I write QUALIFIES as HATE speech. I wil be very disappointed if it doesn’t. Let me make myself clear, I HATE IZSLIME, I HATE ITS FOLLOWERS, I HATE THE VILE CREATURE NAMED MOTHEMAD, he was a nasty, cruel, violent, evil pedophile.

  49. London is getting everything they deserve for voting in a Muslim for mayor.
    I don’t feel sorry for them one bit, but we can learn from this lesson if people would only wake up and smell the Arabic coffee.

      • Ummm excuse me Vi, are you lumping all Americans with the dem/lib/prog/socio/commie crowd???? America alone lifted all civilization for nearly 200 years, it is only in the last couple of decades that I has slipped so profoundly, and that has happened because we have forgotten our foundation based on strong faith and purpose.

    • London didnot and DOESNOT deserve this ! Sadiq was voted in due to the enormous percentage of muzzy voters. Please don’t believe that most london Brits agree with this man’s policies for his own policies are surfacing with each day and will only add another nail to his political coffin.
      I have been told that this new ruling also addresses the bile inveined rants of other muzzies like the now imprisoned POS Anjem Choudary. Time will tell. Sadiq’s tenure is on the line and so far his rope is getting thinner and thinner.

      • Lisa, I doubt that anything Muslims say about Christians or Jews, other than outright threats of violence, would get them a visit from the thought police. It hasn’t until now but an awful lot of Christians have been arrested for saying something offensive (not violent) about muslims.

        • Sure glad that I’m on this side of the pond and own guns. Farewell, Britain, we hardly knew ye. Enjoy your multiculti Islamic paradise.

          Oh, give me a home, where the jihadis roam, and the dear little Muslimahs play,

          Where the grooming gangs roam, and seldom is heard, an anti Koranic word all day.

          Home, home in UK, where the Paki mobs all like to play, and the hijabs & niqabs are seen all day,

          Where UKIP gets burned, and the Christians are spurned, and never gets seen a Jew all day.

          • Herb, not so fast. We won’t know the actual count of all the muslim invaders Obama snuck into the country using cargo planes in the middle of the night. Don’t believe the numbers you are hearing in the media.

    • How can you be so cruel? UK leaders massively imported Muslims into Britain to such an extent that white, native English in London are now a minority. The non-English majority in addition to leftists are the ones who voted in the Muslim mayor.

      Tourists to London ask in shock, “Where are the English?”