TRUMP trumps Hillary Clinton again, putting people before politics, something else the leftist media won’t report

Donald Trump has once again upstaged Hillary Clinton, further proving that he truly is more presidential at the core of his being than the Democrat nominee can even pretend to be. Trump discouraged media coverage of this humanitarian effort, and they happily complied, but were quick to report that Hillary was trashing Trump for doing this.


MW News  Just last month, Donald Trump traveled to Louisiana to survey the massive flood damage and offer help to residents of the area. Hillary Clinton couldn’t be bothered to take the time to show any sort of leadership or compassion by visiting flood-ravaged Louisiana herself. Of course, at that point, the liberal media made a ton of excuses for why she hadn’t yet shown up and even went so far as to trash Trump for his kind and patriotic efforts.

So, once again, Trump has shamed Hillary by going above and beyond to offer assistance to the victims of Hurricane Hermine in Florida. This time, though, the mainstream media isn’t saying anything about it at all. They probably won’t either, until they are compelled to defend their liberal master after the public finds out and the criticisms of her start blowing up the internet.


According to Young Conservatives, Trump’s Florida team canceled campaign stops and instead used the huge Trump RV to bring much-needed supplies to areas of the state that were hardest hit by the hurricane. There is no indication that Hillary Clinton’s campaign team made any effort at all to offer assistance to any of the Florida communities that were devastated by the storm.

Not only did the Trump campaign team bring necessary supplies, they also got out and got their hands dirty by helping to clear streets of debris. Even though Trump couldn’t be there personally this time, he posted his support on his Facebook page, declaring how proud he is of his team.