SURPRISE! (Not) The first ever sharia-promoting Muslim nominated by Obama to be a federal judge allegedly has ties to terror-linked Islamic groups

obama-deal-with-it-get-off-the-bsBarack Hussein Obama has appointed the first Muslim federal judge, a Pakistani immigrant who has practiced law in the United States for 10 years and was educated at American universities, but it’s his ties to Islamic jihadists, including those in the Saudi Arabian government, that should be enough to get the Senate to reject the nomination.

Abid Qureshi
Abid Qureshi

WND (h/t Rob E)   While Abid Qureshi (above) has never been a judge and thus has no clear record to inspect, his private practice defending Muslim religious rights and the celebration of his appointment by designated terrorist groups like CAIR  give reason for concern, say experts in Islam.

Qureshi has defended two Muslim filmmakers in their quest to get pro-Islamic “anti-Islamophobia” advertisements placed in the New York subway system, and he also represented the Saudi Arabian government in a dispute involving a Shariah-compliant Islamic school in the U.S.


His appointment to serve on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which requires Senate approval, was hailed by two Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America – CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Islamic Society of North America, both of which have links to the Hamas terrorist organization as documented by the FBI during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007.


CAIR celebrated Qureshi’s appointment on its Facebook page as well as all over its Twitter account Wednesday. Qureshi has since 2012 headed up the pro bono (charity) division of Latham and Watkins, a major Washington, D.C., law firm.

Most troubling for those concerned that Qureshi’s allegiance to Islamic sharia law may influence his view of the U.S. Constitution is his work representing a private school with ties to the hard-line Saudi Arabian government in a case before the National Labor Relations Board.


Abid Qureshi and his team represented the Islamic Saudi Academy, a K-12 private school with the backing of the Saudi government. “The school is on a mission of providing education ‘rooted in the Islamic faith’ to young people of Saudi Arabia residing in the U.S., especially children of government officials and Saudi diplomats,” according to National Law Journal.

The dispute centered on whether the board had jurisdiction over the school’s decision to fire a teacher. Qureshi cleverly cast the case as a matter of religious freedom – and he won the case for the Saudi government school. 



“In October, the regional director of the NLRB’s Baltimore office dismissed the claims, embracing [Qureshi’s] argument that any attempt by the NLRB to assert jurisdiction over the academy’s firing of a teacher would encroach on religious freedom,” the National Law Journal reported.

In another case, Qureshi represented two Muslim filmmakers in their quest to advertise a pro-Islam documentary called “The Muslims Are Coming!” in the New York public-transit system. The purpose of the film is to “combat Islamophobia” and counter the anti-Shariah ads that had previously been posted in the New York subway system by anti-Shariah activist Pamela Geller.


The Metropolitan Transit Authority denied the ads, as it did Geller’s, saying they did not conform to its new rules against ads that are “political in nature.” The filmmakers hired Qureshi, who filed suit against the MTA, obtaining a favorable ruling last October, Newsweek reported.


“I wonder how this Muslim judge would rule in my First Amendment cases before the federal court,” Geller told WND in an email. “Would he stand firmly with the freedom of speech enshrined in the First Amendment, or would he defer to his belief system and rule in accordance with the Shariah? His activity in regard to ‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ strongly suggest the latter.”

The fact that CAIR is hailing the appointment is also not a good sign. “It suggests that they know he is in line with their agenda – they don’t hail Muslims who aren’t,” he said.