Why are media so unable/unwilling to identify the 3 female Muslim terrorists in the failed terror plot in Paris as “Muslims?”

 Notre Dame terror arrest footage revealed as it emerges (MUSLIM) female ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE) member who planned to blow up French train station was engaged to the (MUSLIM) jihadist who slit a French priest’s throat AND murdered a French police couple.


After reading multiple news accounts about this averted terror plot at Notre Dame in Paris, I could find no description of the identified terrorist women as Muslims, so I have had to add it myself. By intentionally leaving out the “MUSLIM” identification of the suspects, the media are essentially hiding the motive behind the plot which is Islam.

The Local  (h/t Maria J) The French president said on Friday that a (MUSLIM) terror cell had been “destroyed and an attack had been foiled”. Here’s what we know so far about three (MUSLIM) women who had planned the latest atrocity in France.

The three have been described by authorities as “radicalized and fanatical” (by ISLAM). The interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve said they were “ultra-determined”.

So far only the name of Ines Madani has been released. The 19-year-old (MUSLIM) has been described as the ring leader of the (ISLAMIC) cell and it was her father’s car that was found filled with gas cylinders close to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Madani was known to police and intelligence services and was described by several police sources as “very dangerous” (and MUSLIM). It emerged that she had pledged allegiance to ISIS (ISLAMIC STATE).

She was categorized “fichée S” meaning they had identified her as possible threat to security because she had been radicalized (by ISLAMIC JIHADISTS) and had tried to travel to Syria, presumably to join up with Isis (the ISLAMIC STATE)

Police found a letter on Madani, written to her mother, in which she stated she wanted to avenge the death of Abou Mohammed al-Adnani, the senior figure from the ISLAMIC STATE who has ordered attacks on western targets particularly in France. He was killed in an air strike last month.


Less is known of the two (MUSLIM) accomplices arrested with Madani. One was named Sarah, aged 23 years-old and the other Amel, aged 39, according to reports. All three were arrested in the small town of Boussy-Saint-Antoine, around 25km to the south of Paris on Thursday night.

Reports say they were each armed with knives and Madani used hers to stab a police officer, who responded by shooting her in the legs. 

What were they planning? It seems their initial plan was to blow up the car near Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris in the early hours of Sunday morning, but their plan went awry. The Peugeot 607 car they parked near Notre Dame was filled with gas cylinders, some full , some empty and two or three cans of fuel.


There was no detonator or trigger found in the car but officers did find a “burned cloth”, suggesting that was how they were planning on setting the car alight hoping the gas cylinders would then explode. But the the car failed to set alight and they fled the scene fearing they had been spotted by plain clothes officers.

The discovery of the vehicle a short while later sparked a police man hunt that the interior minister described as a “race against the clock”. Inside the car police also found notes written in Arabic which turned out to be verses from the quran.


With their plan to blow up a car in the heart of Paris, near one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions, having failed it appeared the three then decided to launch further attacks. Police intercepted communications between Madani and another (MUSLIM) woman which confirmed their fear they were about to try to strike again.

On Thursday an urgent message was sent around police in the capital warning of an imminent attack on a train station in Paris. Unconfirmed reports in the French press on Friday claimed the cell wanted to attack the Gare de Lyon station although they did not say how exactly.

Police arresting one of the female Muslim terrorists
Police arresting one of the female Muslim terrorists

Reports also claimed they wanted to attack the RER D station at Boussy-Saint-Antoine. But luckily police had managed to track them down to the small town in the Essonne department and arrest them before they could act.

According to reports the three may have been in contact with a French (MUSLIM) jihadist in Syria who had been directing and guiding them. The name of Rachid Kassim was given. He is believed to have ordered and guided those who carried out the brutal murder of the French priest near Rouen in June.

Rachid Kassim holding up severed head
Rachid Kassim holding up severed head

Other arrests made in connection to the terror cell suggested some were in contact with Hayat Boumeddiene, the (MUSLIM) partner of Amedy Coulibaly who killed four people at the Jewish Kosher store in January 2015. Boumeddiene is believed to be in Syria.