AUSTRALIA: Critically-injured Aussie man who was brutally stabbed by a Muslim terrorist wannabe, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” might never work again due to his injuries

Paki Muslim savage, Ihsas Khan, 22, is charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder after allegedly stabbing Wayne Greenhalgh, 59, as he walked his dog in Minto, Saturday.


Herald Sun  The wife of the man critically injured in a Muslim terror attack said the grandfather and carpenter may never work again after losing several of his fingers in the vicious assault.

Police believe Khan, who was renowned for his “odd’’ behaviour — including his fiery street  dawa preaching where, clad in white robes, he yelled quranic verses at his neighbors — was inspired by Islamic State and stabbed Wayne because he thought the man embodied Australian culture.


On Saturday morning, Khan stood in the front yard of his home, fist clenched and “on guard”. Police will allege that just after 4pm he launched a “frenzied attack” on Wayne Greenhalgh, screaming “someone is going to die today” as he stabbed the 59-year-old in the abdomen, chest and neck.

Khan allegedly repeatedly struck Mr Greenhalgh to the abdomen, chest and neck. It is thought Mr Greenhalgh lost several fingers as he tried to fight off his attacker. He this morning remains in Liverpool Hospital in a stable condition after undergoing eight hours of emergency surgery.

Mr Greenhalgh’s wife Bronwyn said alleged Muslim terrorist Ihsas Khan approached her and her husband the day before the attack. “He just walked towards us and we thought he was going to ask us something.’’ Mrs Greenhalgh said Khan, who turned away before speaking to them, was carrying an Arabic book. “I said to Wayne, ‘That was strange, things like that could be a lone wolf attack’.’’

Victim Wayne Greenhalgh with his wife Bronwyn
Victim Wayne Greenhalgh with his wife Bronwyn

“He has a punctured lung and he has bad injuries to his hands, which might impede his ability to work again as a cabinet maker,’’ she said.

Mrs Greenhalgh said her husband had described the moments before the attack: “He just said he came towards him and got a machete out of his backpack and started at Wayne.” Yesterday, the blood trail that led from where Mr Greenhalgh was stabbed into a nearby salon where he pleaded for help left a haunting reminder of the terror that just the day before fell on the quiet suburban neighbourhood.


Khan’s behaviour had become increasingly “erratic” in the days before the attack and neighbours would often see him pacing up and down the road in his robes preaching verses from the quran.

NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Cath Burn said Khan “may well have” committed the act to lure police in order to attack them. She said it was planned and Khan was shouting words at the scene that led bystanders to believe he was committing an Islamic terror attack. It is believed he was inspired by ISIS.

Police seized a large knife at the scene and it is understood extremist material was allegedly found in Khan’s house. Counter-terrorism detectives last night remained at the scene.

“He was always screaming out Arabic as people walked past,” a neighbour, who did not want to be named, said. “I’m a bit scared now, there was a lot of cars that used to come and go at all hours, who knows who else is out there.”