NO, this isn’t England where encountering thousands of Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in the streets is a common sight

Sorry to say, this is Sydney, Australia, where more than 30,000 Muslim headbangers swarmed the streets, blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic for more than four hours. Hopefully no ambulances were trying to get through.


UK Daily Mail (h/t Dan G)  Tens of thousands of Muslims caused road closures outside Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney’s south-west, as they participated in the Eid Al Adha prayer, which marks the end of the annual pilgrimage or Hajj to the Saudi holy city of Mecca.


More than 30,000 mainly men and some women were pictured standing on prayer mats laid across Wangee Road, which was closed between 5am and 9am, with eardrum-shattering sounds of calls to prayer echoing through the streets as an Imam lead the service from inside the mosque.


A police spokespersons said the single road was closed for around four hours, with extra police deployed to direct traffic around Punchbowl Road during the service.  Men and women mingled outside the mosque before and after prayer time, however they were segregated as they offered their Eid Al Adha prayer.


Animals were barbarically halal slaughtered and split into three parts during the ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’, with worshippers honouring tradition by offering one portion to their family, one to friends and another for the poor or needy.