AUSTRALIAN SENATOR PAULINE HANSON declares: “Australia is in danger of being swamped by Muslims”

29598d3125dec0399d788adfdc2dc465The politically incorrect Donald Trump of Australia, Pauline Hanson, said in a  speech before her colleagues: ‘We are in danger of being swamped by Muslims who bear a culture and identity that is incompatible with our own and she has even offered to personally drive to the airport anyone not willing to adapt to the Australian way of life.

Hanson also called for stopping further Muslim immigration and banning the burqa as they have done in many countries around the world,’ she said. ‘In addition, no mosques or schools should be built and those that exist should be monitored until the present crisis is over.’ The uber-leftist Greens Party senators walked out on her speech. Below is an excerpt:

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  1. The Australian Awakening

    Readers this link came in…

    It is a well written academic style paper commenting on the centre stage impact of Pauline Hanson in Australia. The writing style is not for everyone and needs careful philosophical analysis of ideas. It is suffice to say that it reveals the absolute awakening Hanson has tabled, arousing friends and enemies, moving everyone that cares on both sides of the fence for and against anti-freedom apartheid Islam, to challenge each other.

    On the TV News, in mainstream media and on the Internet, where through the Internet, we are more likely to learn real truth than through the News Media on TV & in papers, the challenge thrives. Pauline Hanson is pushing a bright eyed bushy tailed awakening of reality onto the table in Australia, like Donald Trump in America and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

    Hanson made political mistakes in the past due to inexperience, but now she is getting it right and I believe she will grow stronger in skills with the support of the people.

    The title of the essay… “Comprehending Pauline is not the challenge. Engaging constructively with Hansonism is…”

    The one thing for those that don’t want to read the link… is the valid comment by Howard as follows…

    “As John Howard noted in early July, treating Hanson as a “scorned species” is a monumental mistake. It expresses disdain for her supporters, who have as much right as anyone else to have their interests represented in parliament, and it ultimately plays into her studied depiction of herself as put-upon outsider, which is the dynamic on which she trades.”

    Author of the essay… Katherine Murphy …The Guardian

  2. I went and checked out the Green party representatives profiles of those I glimpsed leaving during Pauline’s speech, what a bunch of land rights for gay whales moochers they are.

    It’s horrible but if some of these buffoons are accosted by their new favourite pets and assaulted, then left dribbling with fear I hope Australians give them the barracking they so richly deserve.

    Typical pansies, probably running to a safe room to avoid the truth about to smack them in the face.

    • Yes – The Greens especially are so stupid. (Would not surprise me of who are big $$ doner’s to the likes of these people & both major parties, or certain people within them).
      Corruption money ripped out of our society – by welcomed criminals and a portion of it – re-distributed.
      Now – let us consider the following:
      Australia now consists of 2.5% Buddhist
      And 2.2% Muslim.
      Well, perhaps we should ask the Greens party to explain why we NEVER hear of crime, rape and hate coming from the Buddhist community. Or if they are demanding anything, other than being happy to be given the privilege to live in our nice country?
      They may also like to explain why we have no serious organised police squad for Buddhists?
      – Our society is being ripped off at every level & sector – by YOU KNOW WHO.

      • Good points Ivan, the Buddhists get along and contribute in other countries. They can be a bit unpredictable in ther nation where they are majority, but they actually do get along and live productive lives in Western nations. The damnable muzslime do everything they can to kill steal and destroy wherever they are. It’s GLARING isn’t it, well to reasoning sensable people anyway, which we know the greenies never are.

      • That 2.2% is from 2011 census Don. We just had a census and it’s likely to be around 4%. As they multiply like vermin as we know. Filthy scum everyone of them..

  3. Unfortunately Pauline Hanson the lonely voice in government.
    She is being attacked from all sides.
    Australia is very leftist country.
    Media attacking Tramp every day, and not mentioned of Clinton corruptions.

  4. this woman is brilliant. ahead of her time by 10-40 yrs perhaps. idiots will wake up later. one day they’ll look back at her speech her and commend her. not today. calls of racist, bigot, islamophobic etc, echo the chambers.

    but like Enoch powell and the rivers of blood speech, so too will this one be looked back upon. b/c its hard to stop the march of islam. takes time to stop it. like the crusades, it took centuries of oppression for christianity to have enough already and act.

    for us it will be like 20-30 yrs, with EU leading the way of what will happen everywhere else. danm this vile scourge on mankind posing as a peaceful religon.

  5. At last, common sense straight talking about a subject that needs to be discussed, not hidden away in some cupboard because the usual suspects start bleating their usual catch cry’s. Hanson hit this one right out of the park. Go Pauline!

    • hi there tanya
      yes mate Pauline is VERY right I do agree with you ,I have travelled around Australia in our mobile home for 2 years ,and talk to thousands of people ,they all agree with her,only 2 disagree,
      pauline hanson you are our hero ,if they don’t like get it,then they can go .i spent 54 years here,and the only bad thing is in this country is muslims breaking our laws and wearing rag on their heads and getting away with it all. alan ex liberal, of pansy turnbull giving muslims and terrorists ha hal dinners at our cost in OUR lodge.


  6. I HAVE NO FAITH IN HER.., because of the way she stammers as she speaks, and because of the tremor in her voice, there is NO CONVICTION. Just an insecure eyes-downwards wannabee that thinks she can score on a popular issue. Her wikipedia-credentials do NOT impress me. Besides.., she is a woman, and almost menopausal.., so she will soon turn into a wanna-cuddle-Merkel. Seen it happen too much. We need a WARRIOR.., like Wilders that for almost 11 years has had ALL of his normal life turned into a constant nightmare of bodyguards, sleeping in military barracks, no normal human interaction with other people or driving a car or going to the movies. Just a 24/7 year-in-year-out reminder of everpresent danger combined with tremendous frustration of seeing things go bad, and being kept out of ruling power. THAT IS THE REAL DEAL…, not this quivering cunt.

    • Ed, I think you are foolish to flaunt your chauvinistic platitudes here, why don’t you just rspect the lady for the damned strong stand she IS making. Can you do BETTER???? Get on it let’s SEE it. Stick YOUR. Neck out there ed!!!!!!

    • Well ED..The Australian Political Landscape is much the same as Europe/America/Cananda/UK littered with leftists/Greens/Labor/Liberal traitor scum who are crime gangs posing as Political Partys.The likes of Shorten (Labor Crook) and Turnball (Rich lowlife PM) fill me with disgust.I would say to you have no doubt about Paulines courage,Divorced twice,raised her kids herself while running a small business..didn’t take a dime from the Government.She deceided she didn’t like our corrupted politicians and for her trouble got three years in maximum security (Released on appeal).Set up by a conniving pair of ex PMs Abbott and Howard a pair of scum.So I am sure Pauline will make a difference even though she receives constant death threats and requires protection…so what about you Ed..just sitting on your arse and having a whinge about how she speaks and also why don’t you take it easy on the C word and have respect for the women that read this blog.

      • You are right Gary, my sincere apologies for the C-word, I tried to correct but the chance had passed. In Holland we are not so aware of the Australian situation. Seems like paradise, because you have defended borders, race-purity (all the Hollywood actors & actresses we like so much) and a big ocean that surrounds you, filled with Great White Sharks (too bad we don’t have those in the Mediterranean sea). Brittain also has the sea as a barrier. Yes, sometimes I get carried away, and it’s true, she has balls to stand up and say something. Since your comment I looked up some of her YouTube-videos, and she is impressive. Let us just hope that she keeps up her resolve. You know, I am really sceptic about females in politics, shortsighted career-types. I read a lot of AltRight and everywhere it seems women are causing trouble that men have to clean up. ‘Seems” because I’m sure the other way it’s also true. Merkel, Roussef, Kirchner, IndiraGhandi, CoryAquino. (TheresaMay?) Thatcher was the sole exception, but she was an oldwordly lass. Like the ministers of defense of Holland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden etc.., all together in 1 picture: all perky blonde smileyfaced idiots, messing up their countries. Female-mayors, female politicians, all sooner or later prove to be weak traitors. So I’m biased. Here on this site I am reading all previous articles on muzzie-terror in your country. NEVER thought it was SO bad! Beach-rapes, hostage-cafes, halalbutcheries…, typical. Anyway, all the best Downunder, keep it muzzie-free 😉

        • Thanks for your reply Ed,there are many millions of people like you and me and the good people who visit BNI who are trying to save our countries and western civilisation from internal lunatic leftists and Traitor politicians who sellout to the Islamic Vermin Monster at every turn.I understand your passion and frustration..we all feel it,its hard to understand the craven madness of people who want open borders to Islamic scum and African garbage whos mission is to destroy the west and replace it with a Sharia nightmare and chaos as in the past Islams sword will be at our necks and it will be Convert of Die..the danger is so clear to me and many throughout the world because Islam has done it all before until it was driven out.Yes we have a big ocean around our great southern land full of hungry sharks waiting to tear those Islamic Vermin to shreads but our navy has stopped them in the Timor Sea sending them back to their lowlife Muslim mates in Indonesia something the Europeans have refused to do.All the best my friend,I am sure we will defeat the Islamic Satanists but it may mean civil war across many nations and when it comes we must exterminate/deport all Muslims back to the rats nests where they came.

    • “…because of the way she stammers as she speaks, and because of the tremor in her voice, there is NO CONVICTION…”

      Well obviously you’ve given that one a whole lot of thought. Ed – and you’re the sort of guy who never jumps to conclusions.

      She one of the few females in a room full of male senator – half of them hostile to what she is saying – because muslims would be some of their constituents and they all have to outperform each other in looking the most humanitarian.

      So, she’s there making a series of very valid points that she knows expresses the feelings of a huge number of Australians. She’s making her first speech in that venue this century – so of course she’s going to seem uncertain at times. And she looks down at the paper to remind her of the long list of points she has to convey.

      She certainly does have conviction – and has expressed these convictions over a log period of time.

      So, Ed – how about you grow a pair, front up and do something as gutsy? Let us know when, we’ll be watching.

    • I think her problem is that she needs to be a little more articulate and get rid of that nervous tremor in her voice she has at times.

      That has been her downfall, not the message she is trying to get across.

      History will clear her of all accusations levelled against her.

      GO Pauline!


      • Well remember how Jackie Lambie looked and sounded when she first hit the Senate – it was Lambie to the slaughter.
        Now, she speaks with conviction and passion and a hard edge to her voice.
        And people listen.

  7. Pauline ‘is back’ and I’m so glad. She is copping a heap of flack from the leftie-media and all the other do-gooders. But she is not backing away and she is standing her ground. She has so much intestinal fortitude …..the criticism is like water off a ducks back. LOVE her !!

  8. I love Pauline 8)
    She is not the brightest spark but she says what everyone else is thinking and wont back down.
    The greens are a joke , they claim to stand for diversity, understanding and tolerance..
    That is until someone disagrees with them .
    then they just act like 4 year olds having a tanty and walk out , and can anyone honestly say that it wasnt preplanned and no matter what she said they were not gunna do it anyway.
    If they are so certain about there beliefs why cant they put forward a valid argument to why she is wrong.

  9. Ban islam altogether! It is worse than nazism, 1400 times worse. Policies need to be formulated that will force this social cancer into decline in the best and most civilized way possible. You want to be a muslim? Then go and live in a muslim country where everything is already set up for you.
    I do not consider muslims to be real Australians. They are nothing more than muslims residing in Australia, increasing their numbers, and thereby spreading their insane cultish ideology to the point where they can take the country over.

  10. Bravo to Ms Hanson! We need more voices like hers! Unfortunately, a few couldn’t handle the truth. They don’t support free speech. I think those few who walk out are afraid a tiny morsel of what she’s saying will ring true to them. They can’t handle it.

  11. Yes true to their backward inferior thinking anti-freedom of speech, anti-freedom of choice, bully mentality, the Socialist Green Senators walked out on Pauline Hanson’s truthful speech highlighting the serious danger of anti-freedom apartheid Islam.

    The Greens have proven time and again that they are totalitarian enemies of Australia and are not worth anything as human beings. We clearly that oppose the ‘Islamization of the West’ always say with accurate emphasis, “Never Trust a Muslim that believes in the Hate Speech anti-non-Muslim Qur’an”.

    We can also add never ever trust a “Socialist” and never ever trust a “Green”. Every person that supports ‘Totalitarianism’ in any form, is an enemy of “Freedom Values” and cannot be trusted not now, not ever, and must be rejected outright.

    The disgraceful rude, disrespectful Green Senators that walked out on Pauline Hanson’s speech, proved by their irresponsible behaviour that they are all worthless human beings not worth a damn to Australia.

    We don’t have to agree with a speaker, but it is common decency, to respect the right of the speaker to be heard. Those that boo and throw things at a speaker are not worth a damn as a human being. And those Senators that should be setting an example behaviour of good standard that deliberately walked out on Pauline Hanson’s very important speech, have proven that they are inferior thinkers, behaving like spoilt brats that throw a tantrum by running away because they don’t have the courage to face the truth.

    The lowest kind of person is a coward and all the Green Senators that walked out on Pauline Hanson’s speech have proven that they are cowards and by rejecting Hanson’s right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ these ‘white feather creeps’ are blacklisted by me as enemies of Australian Freedom Values.

    The anti-freedom Greens have made it clear time and again that they support “Islamization of Australia”.

    • The anti-freedom Greens have made it clear time and again that they support “Islamization of Australia”. …. Allan have you ever asked any of them WHY? Are any of them cognizant, human beings, are they capable of thinking, reasoning, and conversing? My GOD the world is so full of people who can no longer string two sentences of reason together. Can’t the fools understand that izslime is here to murder us ALL?

      • Don,

        We can’t reason with fools. To ask a fool why they blindly believe in supporting Islam is a waste of energy & time. The only solution when dealing with enemies is to walk through them, say it the way it is… and ensure they step aside. If they don’t run then give no quarter and expect none. They have a choice… fight or flight.

        I give people advice once, if they don’t listen than let them fall.

        Noah warned people of the coming great flood, those that didn’t listen drowned. They got what they deserved by their stupidity. I have no sympathy for idiots.

        • Oh I agree Allan I guess I was just wondering why so many people seem to have a death wish, that they would keep inviting more and more of the deadly virus in. This world is more nutty and screwed up, than I have ever seen it, or could ever imagine it, in all my fairly numerous years. World war 3 is upon us and the “end of days” must be close at hand???

          • “Don, We can’t reason with fools. To ask a fool why they blindly believe in supporting Islam is a waste of energy & time. The only solution when dealing with enemies is to walk through them, say it the way it is… and ensure they step aside. ”
            -Righy o, and here’s why:
            “Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see. Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
            But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.
            You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”


          • “Don, We can’t reason with fools. To ask a fool why they blindly believe in supporting Islam is a waste of energy & time. The only solution when dealing with enemies is to walk through them, say it the way it is… and ensure they step aside.
            – ”
            Right on, and here’s why:
            “Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around. What do you see. Business men, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
            But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.
            You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”


          • “so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”
            Scary reasoning Tri, but I can only imagine you are right, there are so many who have NOTHING else to fight for, and if the system is what the GLOBS offer, many millions will readily jump on board and be ready to destroy all free thinkers, especially people of the book.

        • Trico,

          Thank you for the link, I read it, I need to think about the subtle side of the message more… I shall reread it down the track.

    • Yes Allan.

      The greens are totalitarian filth, just like their mysogynistic Satan worshipping Islamic master.

      Pauline will sky rocket in the polls. The only way the major parties can stop her is to copy her policies or else

      • Marstar,

        Agreed. Pauline is very popular with every Aussie opposing Islam. Unfortunately, we have lot of lefties that are opposing her, all Green supporters, many Labor and many Liberals that cannot comprehend reality.

        Pauline has a tough fight ahead of her, fortunately she is still young enough to deliver a strong message about reality.

  12. We already have been swamped. Thanks Fraser, Keating & Rudd (worst offenders)
    Their high birth rates will still see to their demented goal.
    Stopping more bad immigration is a must – to stop an accelerated onset of their rot.
    People inside government live in denial and pretend most of what Pauline says is wrong.
    They still pretend open immigration policies welcoming ALL religions is the only way to go.
    I have no problem with anyone – with the big exemption “muslims”
    I have seen 1st hand the criminal activities they are doing (and been a victim of) – including serious corruption of our Government, which explains why many in power are either too scared to be honest, are to stupid (and should not be in power e.g Greens) or are on the serious TAKE.
    Back in 1996 – Pauline had a slip up, being concerned about Asians.
    I was not impressed then.
    Personally, I feel more safer around Asians than any other culture here in Australia.
    And they contribute to our economy just nicely.
    Pauline has since re-aligned correctly that the real threat is Muslims.
    And all the gutless politicians are pretending Otherwise.
    So thank you Pauline – from a very concerned citizen.

  13. well said And the commie greens walk b/c they are being exposed for what they really are. Apologists for those scumbags from the ME.

  14. Pauline Hanson seems to have some of the ideas Australia needs to survive the invasion of sub-human enemy monsters. She might even be an ideal candidate for PM except for her foolish offer to personally transport the filth. I hope she meant she would arrange for garbage trucks to haul the trash. There is no way a human lady should ever occupy a passenger vehicle with even one demonic humanoid who worships alleyoop (satan).

    The trash-compactor built into garbage trucks would be an ideal way to fabricate concentrated evil.

    The Greenie morons who walked out on her inspiring speech committed treason. Honesty and patriotism are rare in politicians and must be respected.

    • “The trash-compactor built into garbage trucks would be an ideal way to fabricate concentrated evil.”

      I like that.
      “Hey Moozlims, want a ride to Germany? Hop in the back, all of you”.

  15. Well said Ms Hanson Fuck the GREENS! Telling it like it REALLY IS! In the next few days 12000 more will be settling in the suburb of Elthem,about 24 k’s from the CBD. Elthem is a PEACEFUL leafy-green suburb where you wake up to kookaburras laughing, horses exercising and surrounding churches are being good Christians and sponsoring this influx. of cockroaches from ME. Notice the word sponsoring… i thought you couldn’t serve 2 masters. More Christian stupidly !It must be nice paying homage to Jesus’ arch enemy!

  16. WOW. Everything she said was true, rational and reasonable. Amazing and the exact opposite of what most politicians do when opening their mouths: lie. Look at the communist rats walking out of the speech. They (especially the women) need to be air dropped into the Muslim hell hole of their choice so they can experience true diversity.

  17. “The uber-leftist Greens Party senators walked out on her speech”
    The fools that make up the whole socio/commie structure are such pitiful idiots when it comes to izslime, they have no idea the plans the muzslime have for them. They will be the toilet cleaners and the total slaves of the dominant evil muzslime. Or become muzslime themselves, they will have no other choice. Meanwhile they are destroying the very freedoms they have to “get up and walk out”. I think the greens come from having green mold mush for brains.

  18. Wow, this is the 2nd female voice that’s come my way today speaking out on what is becoming a very serious problem with Muslims.
    “Today, Muslims in Europe are unpunished. Rapes are unpunished. The perpetrators get caught, judged, but then are released into the wild.
    Women who have been raped do not receive justice.”
    “In Sweden for example, every three minutes a Swedish woman is raped”

    “Q. What to do to somehow stop or stem the wave of those rapes?”
    “Zero tolerance for extremism and Islam must be outlawed”

    • urg, i saw that, why don’t they take in those rape-fugees and freeloading parasites, since they care so much, take a family or two into their homes and see how long they last

  19. So how’d that go in the senate of Australia? Looks like other senators were walking out?…To their own disgrace, stupidity and detriment…….When did the defense of freedom become a bad thing?

    • The defense of freedom has NOT become a bad thing.
      The defense of one’s nation and its culture has NOT become a bad thing.
      Lefties and mudslimes have ALWAYS been bad things and they can not handle the truth.