BANGLADESH: Rivers of Blood fill streets as Muslims celebrate Eid-al-Adha by cutting the throats of fully-conscious terrified animals, letting them bleed to death in agony

Pouring rains coupled with this massive and barbaric animal sacrifice ritual on the streets of Dhaka have flooded many areas of the capital, creating a gory and horrific scene of red rivers of blood and waste.


Dhaka Tribune  (h/t Victoria B) Citizens of Dhaka witnessed a horrific sight amidst the celebration of Eid al-Adha on Tuesday.  Rainfall and animal sacrifices across the city created a dreadful scene of blood streams across streets in the city.

Waterlogging in many parts of the city got mixed with the blood following the sacrifices of the animals creating the disturbing scene. The flooded parts of the city gave an impression akin to rivers of blood. 


Many said the incident showed how the city corporations had failed to keep the city’s drainage systems functional and had paid no attention to the matter before Eid. The two city corporations designated 1,000 spots – 496 in the north and 504 in the south – for cutting animals’ throats in front of cheering crowds.


Areas like Malibagh, Baily Road, Shantinagar, Bijoynagar, Paltan, Motijheel, Jatrabari, Bakshi Bazar and Kathalbagan saw people slaughtering animals right in front of their homes. 


From around 7.30am in the morning, many people were seen slaughtering animals in the streets in front of their homes and other convenient places in several areas including Mohammadpur, Mirpur, Shyamoli, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Niketon. The roads soon filled up with blood and waste.


Despite the intermittent showers, citizens thronged mosques, offered prayers and proceeded with the ritualistic goat sacrifice. In Malibagh, Baily Road, Shantinagar, Bijoynagar, Paltan, Motijheel, Jatrabari, Bakshi Bazar and Kathalbagan area, Dhaka Tribune reporters found people are sacrificing their animals in front of their homes or other places nearby. 


Dhaka South City Corporation’s Deputy Chief waste management official Khandker Millatul Islam said that water logging in the capital was an old problem.

Below videos of Muslim animal sacrifice for Eid are very graphic. Viewer discretion advised.


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  1. Now this is confusing as I was told Eid was 23rd of Sept this yr. I don’t care about moz perverse eccentricities & their Lunar Calendar, I just want the practice stopped immediately.
    Demand the impossible!

  2. We are a savage race. I am ashamed to be human…we will deserve what we get for the atrocities we have committed against animals, nature, planet earth.

  3. And may they all die of the disease that will follow this out of touch ritual. the dicks that run that country are never ever going to stop so I think we should make a sand box out the the country and move on the the next islam hang out. There is your “River of Blood” Hell is coming for all of them!!!!!

  4. I don’t see one liberal here running their brainwashed thoughts on this one! They turn their heads so not disrupt their utopia dream if us all living in peace on this earth! They deny this is the real Islam! Why these people are willfully blind is beyond me is it they know down inside they are wrong and just following the thoughtless ones to be accepted! Islam is evil and heartless and will kill in the name of Allah! But pigs blood sends them to hell!

  5. Most of Muslims now in India, Pakisthan and Bangladesh were Hindus generations before. Their fore fathers (Indians as a whole then) were killed more brutally (than, now they slaughter animals) in millions and forced them to covert to Islam. Now those converted Muslims inherit same acts of brutality but towards animals. Of course their counterparts in ISIS slit throats of humans elsewhere. I see very peaceful Islam at the same time. Unfortunately those satanic people bring in brutality to Islam, brainwash youth in the name of Allah and cultivate satanic culture.

    • ” I see very peaceful Islam at the same time.”
      Fran you don’t know izslime at all do you? Please stick around and read for a couple of weeks THEN try another comment.

  6. ” He was pierced for our transgression” Isaiah 53:5 Jesus was the ultimate and final sacrifice needed. Know your bible,learn the truth.This practice is a twist of alter animal sacrifice by ancient Judaism but these people are very ignorant.God gives no excuse for your ignorance and the scriptures clearly give those not following closely severe warnings. We are surely in the end times. He will destroy all wickedness.This is another hideous example of why the earth needs to be cleansed.

    • “another hideous example of why the earth needs to be cleansed.”
      You got it Gram! He did it once and He said He will do it again, He never talks just to hear His head rattle, coming soon to a planet near you!!!!!

  7. This is but one of m a n y reasons Muslims do not belong in civilized societies. Where is PETA? They should be screaming from the rooftops re this cruel, barbaric and inhumane treatment of animals. Too bad turn-about can’t be fair play…

  8. Some think that the horrific muslim slaughter, has increased their violent traits. So much fear, cortisol released from these poor innocent souls, tainting the meat. (My opinion is Muslims just evil, subhuman demons.)
    If there is aG_d . Please destroy this plague on the earth.
    I want every muslim dead: my cup overwhelmed with hate.

    • I wish you well if indeed you have escaped the most horrible “religion” ever designed purely by Satan. I know your life is in danger from any muzslime who wants to murder you now. Look for good people who will protect you if they can but don’t expect to be met with open arms with out question. Non muzslime have every right to question and be very careful. We know you have been raised to on taqiyya and you are all good at it. Give those around you a chance to get to know you. While you are at it get a copy of our constitution and read it, and compare it to sharia.

  9. These people are just out and out barbarians. Animal sacrifices and I’m sure that there’s some human sacrifices going on somewhere as well. Where’s the U.S. on this? Where are all of the animal rights people like P.E.T.A.? Where are the health inspectors for these countries? I really believe that these people just need to be GONE off of the face of this planet by any means available.

  10. They are not to be accepted in society, this is a false religion that has been stopped by war, years ago and are returning only to kill again . The bible said in the future your born again child won’t be able to talk about God without being put to death.

  11. WHY NOBODY REPORTS THIS TO SOME WORLD TRIBUNAL ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. I have noticed over recent months many clothes here in the US have been made in this disgusting deplorable pathetic excuse for existence. I will be looking for the labels on the clothing I buy from now on and WILL NOT buy ANYTHING you filthy scoundrals have touched. You are murderers. Karma has a way of coming around. For this region of the world and those who do this type of harm to animals or people, may you receive Karma 10 fold and for 10x as long. NO money coming your way to feed you from imports here. Have you thought about the deceases that can and will spread from your acts. Oh wait…That could be your Karma coming sooner than you thought. RIP for all the animals who suffered. Jesus is watching, Jesus is coming, you’re not paying close enough attention. I am not in the right by hoping your Karma is 10x, but I am human and just watched your disgusting display of satan’s work. It’s a normal reaction for a Christian. Get over it…….and find a way to survive without shipping your crap clother, purses or anything else this way!

  13. Mr Obama statement
    ”Eid-al-adha shows how Islam can unite us under the banners of fellowship and love”
    takes such a graphic disgusting reality when we can see it with our own eyes. No wonder Mr Obama wants to censor the Internet.
    Yes, this Muslim celebration SHOWS us under what bloody, cruel banner Mr Obama would have the civilized West join him.
    Justin Trudeau has already done so. He was also celebrating, at a gender segregated radical mosque, talking about the one and only ”value” he recognizes as being ”Canadian”: Diversity… He did not attend the 9/11 Commemoration the day before…Nauseating.
    P.S. There are laws protecting animals in the West. NO exception should be made under any consideration. It is too cruel.

    • I have written peta. “Religious “customs untouchable. Facebook sent me nasty messages, about posting this. Hopefully mark Zuckerberg will one day soon feel the suffering of these animals

  14. God have mercy, for they most certainly don’t know the consequences of their actions. Please reach into their hearts and show them that this is not the way. Bless those innocent from this. Please touch those poor animals and show them that you are with them.

  15. Fuck**g disgusting bloody animals. These whatever you want to designate them as, are not evolved human beings created by God.
    I have been reading many accounts of animals escaping open trucks during the tuck**ng bloody day of Eid.
    May every single one of them be reincarnated as a goat, a cow, a dog, a lamb, whatever creature they eat or despise.
    This is the damn time of year where I see what we are truly dealing with. Heartless non-evolved creatures.
    If they can walk in streets of blood, the concrete is worth more than them.

  16. Allah, god of Blood. Islam, religion of blood…. Rivers of blood.

    Bloodthirsty Allah demands blood. Too bad he doesn’t clean it up because that looks like a serious water quality hazard. They’re going to be wishing they had Flint, MI quality water after that.

  17. Muslims are such liars. They brag about their halal killing, that it’s so merciful & quick. So much better! They say they sneak the knife up to the animal that never knew what was coming. You can’t believe a word coming out of the lying Mudslime mouth.

  18. I could only make myself watch 1video, makes me sick. The poor animal, half beheaded, was struggling to run away. They are not killing these animals because they need their meat, but because it is their ritual slaughter day. Muslims behead because it makes them feel alive I guess. Atrocious.

    • Paul that little comment carries a lot of truth and power. I don’t imagine even the pitiful fools trapped in the vile horrible lie fully understand it. Izslime itself is forever bound to the goat hearding, barbarian clan of the 7 th century. That is not even saying anything bad about the horror, it’s just the simple, clear, easy to understand FACTS.

  19. What the hell can I say that I haven’t sad before.So I will say it again. We cannot let these Muslims bastards get a foothold in our country. Ok here it comes. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX And I am half Jewish. Again I would never say something like this but I think it shows how much I hate those Muslim bastards.And no I won’t edit my comment I mean what I said

    • It’s as the muzz often say, “we love death more than you love life.”

      Just today, I found out that Christian apologist and ex-muslim Nabeel Qureshi was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach cancer. He’s only in his 30s. And so many muzzies were celebrating the news as proof allah’s wrath upon him and “truth” of islam.

  20. These people are not civilized and do not belong in our countries .. much less our world.
    A Clash of Cultures is an understatement!

  21. They can’t just celebrate their holiday with a feast, parades, featival, etc. No. They MUST commit brutal and barbaric killings to please their satanic blood god.

    Coming soon to America, thanks to “progressive” liberalism and DEM’s more interested in shifting voter demo’s through unfettered immigration than in anything having to do with protecting America.

    Or…we can elect TRUMP!

  22. Satan worshipers, twisted, cruel, evil blood worshipers. Violent minded horrible creatures who have absolutely nothing to offer to humanity except abject terror and hopelessness.
    Muzslme need to be completely marginalized and contained until the totally ignorant “religion” gets recognized as the most ugly stinking thing ever perpetrated on humankind and disappears.

  23. There are no words to describe this horror. Every single member of this satanic death cult should be blown off the face of the earth.

  24. Facts based on observation in a Country(India) where 250 million Pigs resides :
    *These guys bath seldom like once in a week
    *They are very active online vying for distraught folks and luring them to convert to greatest religion on earth ~Islam~
    *They live in filth, their place of residence is easily identified by surrounding environment
    *They can divorce their other half by Saying ‘Talak’ 3 times in a row, could you believe that ?
    *They hate Hindus always instigate riots and violence towards them.

  25. Yes Bad Karma to follow. Sickness and disease will serve them right. No sympathy for these Devils and their Children should they die in squalor !!!

  26. good grief, what a bunch of nothings you are, I hope that blood running through your streets , is full of disease, you would not be missed !!!

  27. These animals eyes reflect their fear of death. Yet so barbarically slaughtered. They are so helpless. They need support and help. Where the fuck is PETA? It is definitely run by Muslims like Maneka Gandhi(Khan). Shame on you, PETA.

  28. Every single individual that participated in or supported this barbarity should be summarily shot in the neck and allowed to bleed out in the streets. Then take their corpses and feed the fishes.

    • No lets feed them to the PIGS ha, but then it wouldn’t surprise me if the pigs would turn there noses up at them!

      Paki pedo cunts

  29. Yucks…!! Not a slightest sense of sanitation and hygiene, do the Bangladeshis have. It’s terrible to imagine the rotting stench of those streets turned sewers.

    Poor, innocent animals getting cruelly tortured and then mass-murdered, as per the commandments of MO, for a “Holy ritual”, and not actually for satisfying hunger. All kinds of such shit santanic practices, has the cult of that rapist, paedophile, murderer “PROPHET” brought into being, This backward and barbaric blood/death cult is spreading worldwide and is flourishing in the 21st century. Should make some good use of the NUKES.

  30. And these are people that we’re supposed to feel sorry for because they don’t have clean drinking water??? Once the color of red is eliminated, there will be bacteria in that water. I hope they all get sick and die! Every man, woman and child dies!

    My second thought goes out to the church that I was raised in. Here is a sitting Pope who took the name”Francis” from Francis of Assisi ,one of the few saints in the church known for his love of the animals. This Pope ,who took this name then goes forth to kiss the satanic verses aka the Quran, kisses the feet of it’s followers that have been stained with the blood of our Creator’s innocent creatures; yet, two days ago goes public with a statement that the Catholic Church is being divided because of the”devil”. Well, Frankie, you bowed to the adversary and invited him in! Anyone who stands with our Holy Lord cannot in good conscience stand with you, you Judas!

    • Couldn’t agree more. What is this man that calls himself Pope think about when he does these horrific deeds to the people of the Catholic Church? I never thought I’d would see the day that I would say that we have the Satan in the Vatican. In the White house. The Chancellor of Germany, P.M. of Canada, soros, clintons, j.kerry, p.ryan, the whole U.S. Government! And no one blinks an eye? What has become of this world? When you have nothing but islamic militants roaming and murdering anything and everything that they feel they can? And the Pope agrees… Am I loosing my mind? Horrific to say the least. And you are right, I too hope that each and every single one feels the full ramifications from what they are doing!!!

      • You know nh, when I think of God saying that not even a sparrow that falls to the ground escapes His notice, I believe He is very aware of the horrible ugly muzslime being violently cruel to these animals and I don’t believe it will go unpunished.

      • It’s all a sign of the times. Soon the antichrist will rear his ugly head and we ain’t seen nothing yet!…Jesus is coming soon! And these things will seem like child’s play once the New World Order becomes official.

      • Orla, you need to hang around and read a bit more before USING your religion to to make foolish remarks. Evidently you do not understand much about izslime OR poop Fran. My Book, the Tanakh and the New Testament tell me to love good AND TO HATE EVIL and you know what Orla, I’m very good at that, because see I know what is good and I know what is EVIL. IZSLIME IS THE GREATEST EVIL on the planet and has been fo 1400 + years, and this present poop is promoting the EVIL. Can you get your head around that Orla???…. stop using “love” like a weapon. LOVE WITHOUT TRUTH IS JUST ANOTHER LIE!!!!

    • Our church’s are falling apart because we allowed those outside to tear it down. If we do not stand up and fight for God as he has fought for us we will never have a world of peace. Something must be done.

  31. Well, this scene would have been multiplied across ALL the many Islamist nations across the world. The most egregious of course would have been the terror sponsoring nation of Fraudi Barbaria, where until a few years back the animal carcasses were just wasted.

  32. Don’t worry Jesus is personally returning to destroy these Muslim countries. The only countries listed for this treatment are the Muslim countries surrounding Israel. Watch Walid Shoebat on Youtube https://youtu.b e/bObG_32muSc or read his book “God’s War on Terror” to learn how Islam fits into Bible prophecy. I read his book in 2008, so I knew right away when the Muslim spring began that it was the beginning of lots of bad and their caliphate would be coming right behind.

    • I read this book just this year. At the time, I had thought that it was a more current publication. Was astounded to find how accurate and current his predictions were.
      Unfortunately, shoebat has turned me off lately as he speaks way too much against other religions outside of evangelical Christianity. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We all need to stand against Islam , not turn on each other. Sure, there are a billion something moslems, but the world population is over 6 billion. 5 + billion against 1 1/2 billion, we win! Split up into splinter groups, we defeat ourselves.

        • For that matter lil ol Theo is worthy of death hisself, hei setting in judgment over a woman who is doing her best to rid the world of THE GREATEST THREAT it has ever faced, and taking the place of GOD in his ignorant pronouncment. I am a Christian and I disagree with this mans approach. I was not aware of the shobats slide into this hard nosed line of reasoning. It is the Christians responsability to present their truth and prayerfully ask the Father to bring conviction, we are NOT the judge and executioner. There is always our part and Gods part we need to get out of Gods way and let Him do His part in His way and His wisdom. I’m really kind of sorry to hear this about Walid

          • Don, I wasn’t either. He used to pay me to put up some of my posts there. But I stopped a few months ago after I saw the constant and over-the-top hate stories about gays, not unlike we see from ISIS. I used to just post my stories and not read the rest of the blog. But after I realized this was a pattern, especially with Ted, I ended the deal with shoebat.

      • Sooo right Emma. Izslime is the single most heinous evil on earth. To some extent all the others are willing to somewhat coexist, and may the best one win, but izslime says kill, enslave, destroy. There is no reason in izslime, there is only brute brutality. Yes we must recognize the real enemy and become strong against it.

  33. People who do this deserve the plague. Unite, microbes! These people live in filth, blood and gore that they create and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them? I don’t think so. Let them die.

  34. Coming to Main Street U.S.A. very soon, if not already here.
    And where are the courageous models for PETA parading nude to protest this barbarism in the islamic pus wound known as Bangladesh? Curiously unavailable.

  35. This is what Muslims do everywhere. In particular European countries. But really anywhere the local Christian politicians have received their filthy pieces of silver and gold fom the Saudis and others. Now-a-days in Western European countries like Britain, France and Germany what Muslim cares? It’s all for a good cause. Practice for slashing our heads off sooner rather than later. Then again we know all this old hat. Where are the animal rights plonkers? The so called feminists confusion? The human rights wankers?

  36. Maybe this is what Enoch Powell meant in his rivers of blood speech, so derided then and now. Coming to a town near you soon if something is not done about the takeover of our countries by ‘The Religion Of Peace’.
    Be warned !

    • No. Enoch meant rivers of blood as in yours and mine. The shiny plastic twenty first century liberal material losers will be so surprised when reality bursts and gushes upon and all over them. Real life is not TV. We are occupied and and mosqued by the Muslim hordes and their drunken twisted helpers. We ain’t getting out of this one by just pretending it’s not there. Resist or catch AIDS – I imagine.


  38. How anyone can do this, I have no idea. This is sickening. Not only do they do it to poor defenseless animals, they also do it to humans. No one who is sane in the head would do this. This is mass murder. Omg I’m sickened at this needless atrocity. Religious or not, this has to stop.

  39. Muslim children are taught to Hate and Murder non-Muslims. The Muslim children Embrace GREAT EVIL. With Extreme Enthusiasm. It’s why even Muslim children must never be allowed in our nations.

    Palestinian Children Taught to Hate Jews

  40. Why without sedation? Animals feel fear, and know what’s coming. Adrenaline surges, and then it’s throat is slit by a circumsized untermensch. Like pig-insulin for diabetics, thyroidhormone from filet-americaine and horse/bull-growth-hormone (the reason why westerners are taller and bigger), these steroid-hormones, including adrenalin also work in humans, and after eating this mostly badly cooked meat that is enthrenched with “fear-hormone” it transfers the death-struggle-rush of the slaughtered animal to the circumsized consumer that overdoses on it, and that explains their raw 24/7 agressive anger. Refugees that get peanutbutter-sandwiches and chickennuggets lose this and become docile. Until… That is why westerners should NOT allow halalfood to be the standard in daily life. It enables their agenda and sickens us too. Besides, what human could hurt an animal like these bastards do, and teach their kids to as well. Blood is centre of their religion, think of the flogging until it bleeds and carving babies heads on some islamic ceremony. Halal is NOT same as kosher! Educate yourself please!

  41. I just don’t get these people, I couldn’t hit the play on the video as I know it would just break my heart. And to think all the do gooders that welcome these backward barbaric muslims into the UK mental just mental.

  42. Hunters learned centuries ago that meat is better if the prey receives a quick death. This knowledge existed long before anyone understood “fight or flight” hormones. Filthy sub-human mudslimes never learned this or, if they did, they didn’t care because of their satanic craving to inflict terror and suffering.
    Whether or not the drainage systems were as good as they could or should have been, adding blood and offal to flooded streets made a bad situation worse.

  43. Most of the Australian cow cockies I know will not jeopardise their livelihood on compassionate grounds for the animals.
    Could be a subject to raise with Pauline our Heroine when she visits the beef capital Rockhampton this Friday. I met Pauline earlier this year at a Rockhampton Reclaim Australia Rally. I told her my late father idolised her and was an active member of her One Nation Party. I then said four words to her. “We Must Stop Islam”
    Looks like she didn’t need me to tell her.
    Go Pauline our Heroine
    She has stirred the camp up with her latest heroics.

  44. Every Cruel Act is Recorded in Heavenly Books that will be opened on Judgement Day. The Just Judge will give back to the Evil Ones the terrible things they did to humans and animals whom God created with Infinite LOVE and CARE.

    Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    Bible, Psalm 2:5 Then He will speak to them in His anger and terrify them in His fury.

    Bible, Romans 12:19 “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.

  45. In the Garden of Eden, animals were the beloved friends of Adam and Eve.
    Angels weep. There is NO MERCY in Islam.

    ‘Cutting animals’ throats in front of cheering crowds’ — the Muslims are Consumed with DEMONIC DELIGHT over the Excruciating Agony the Precious animals are forced to Suffer as the animals Scream out to God their Loving Creator.

    SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE — The defenseless animals are offered up in a frenzy of Blood Lust by Muslims as Blood Animal Sacrifices to the Dark DEATH god of Islam.

    Western leaders are Huge Admirers of Islam and are Eager for Muslims to practice their Blood Cult in our nations and colonised our countries with Muslims so that Muslims could offer up Blood Sacrifices to Mohammad’s god in the West.


    • tony…
      Just imagine if even a small percentage of this shit on BNI was broadcast on CNN…or any other media…MSNBC
      It should be…but it will never see primetime:
      Oprah, The View, The Situation Room, The Lead, 360 With Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews…the CBC, BBC, WaPo, NY Times…
      I wonder if imbeciles like Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, Bono, and the like have any idea…
      Not fuckin’ likely.

      • They do, they are really smarter than you think.., but they have to sell records and movietickets to the many many lefties that populate this world, young arrogant stubborn imbeciles that grew up on Teletubbies and that see themselves as global-citizens. Look at the Brexit-Remainers, ignorant young know-it-alls. Or the typical Hillary-voter: young leftist higher-educated single females.., that cuck-scare&scream their surroundings to see it their way. Sometimes some of them see the light when they get mugged or raped by circumcised insects, but the problem is that every year a whole new generation of these mongoloid dhimmis gets to voting age. So relax.., have a kebab and enjoy the show of the destruction of Western society.

  47. The barbarity and cruelty of this “celebration” is just incomprehensible to me. Evil truly walks the earth and it’s name is satan, aka islam.

  48. I really cannot stand these people, they are heartless cruel morons following another heartless cruel moron in Mohammed. I detest cruelty in any form.No-one in their right mind would want to live this way.

  49. Words fail me. I always ask myself the same question, why aren’t PETA etc. fighting against this? Savage, cruel, despicable human beings. Satan’s Army.

      • Cancer can be cured sometimes…. islam cannot!!!! Islam is the same as the rabies virus in a dog… you have NO alternative, but to put the infected animal down!!! Islam turns people into zombies for which there is NO cure!!! Lead to the head is the ONLY option!!!

        • “Cancer can be cured sometimes…. islam cannot!!!!”
          Salient, FOX, it’s so true there is no cure for izslime. As long as the person embraces the virulent virus, they are doomed and those near them are in danger.

  50. Poor animals. This practice is pure satanic ritual. Where are the animal liberationist to condemn this act? They only complain about banning the Spanish bullfighting. Pathetic leftists scum. I hope Jesus Christ punishes these evil satanic Islamic barbarians. Islam is pure evil.

    • It’s sin Jesus will be judging. He’s not willing that Anyone should spend eternity in Hell, with satan and the demons of Hell. That’s why He made the Final atonement for sin on the cross. He lived a sinless life, by choice, and allowed mockers and haters of God, to crucify Him. He was the paschal lamb, without blemish, whose blood would atone for the sins of “whosoever” would accept God’s plan of redemption. God’s plan is through His Only Son, Jesus Christ (Messiah)

    • Mano, they’re too busy getting serviced by the Mohammedans…after all, The Muslim National Anthem™ is:
      الجميع بعقب اللعنة!
      بعقب! بعقب! بعقب اللعنة!