NYC: Apparently, the Muslim dressed in Islamic supremacist attire wasn’t the only woman targeted by ‘lighterman’

And the other two women allegedly attacked were white and Hispanic, NOT MUSLIM, so CAIR can shut up about it being an anti-Muslim hate crime. Below are photos and video of the suspect:

ORIGINAL REPORT: Muslim tourist allegedly had her sleeve set on fire outside Valentino store on New York’s Fifth Avenue


NBC  The Muslim woman from Scotland., Nemariq Alhinai, 35, said felt a warm sensation on her left arm, and noticed the sleeve of her blouse was charred and smoldering but she was not hurt. After patting the fire out, she noticed a man standing near her with a lighter in his hand.


Police had been looking into whether she was attacked because of her Muslim religious attire which would make it a “hate crime.”.  But that was before police began looking into two other cases where women were set on fire in the same vicinity in the same general time frame.

Law enforcement sources say the other two victims are white and Latina, calling into question whether any of the attacks were bias-related. A suspect matching the description of the man in the earlier attacks put a flame near the arms of two women walking down the stairs of the Bryant Park train station.

Designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) condemned the attack, saying it was “the latest in a series of attacks on Muslims in that state and nationwide in recent days and months.” It’s offering $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.