AUSTRIAN farmer horrified by barbaric Islamic halal slaughter of sheep on his land

pecoreAn Alpine farmer in Styria who agreed to lend a Turkish Muslim friend his field for a month to graze sheep was horrified when he discovered they were having their throats slit halal style and allowed to die in excruciating pain while they bled all over his land.

For the usual idiots who come on here and say halal is exactly like kosher, read this: Barbaric Halal Slaughter vs Kosher Slaughter

Muslims hold the conscious sheep down so he can't run away when he feels the knife on his throat.
Muslims have to hold down the conscious sheep so he can’t run away when he feels the knife on his throat.

The Local (h/t Maria J)  Under Austrian law the killing of sheep has to take place in official slaughterhouses but the sheep in the field in Styria simply had their throats cut and were left to die.

Horrified locals raised the alarm with police, who rushed to the area to stop the massacre and managed to save 52 of the 131 sheep that had been put in the field.

2cb83c0300000578-3248041-image-a-18_1443127331148 The other 79 had already been slaughtered as part of the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, also known as the Sacrifice Feast, which is the second of two Muslim holidays celebrated worldwide each year and considered the holier of the two.

Muslims who can afford it sacrifice their best animals as a symbol of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son to God.

street-sacrifice-iran-2012 The unnamed farmer said he had no idea that was what was going to happen to the sheep he had allowed to graze in his field, and police are now carrying out an investigation over allegations of animal cruelty.

A police spokesman said that it appeared the sheep had been killed without anaesthesia, in accordance with the Muslim tradition of halal slaughtering. The carotid arteries of the animals had been severed in order to thoroughly bleed them dry, but not the spinal cord, so the animals feel pain for several minutes until they finally die.

It reportedly took some of the animals several minutes to die, and under Austrian law such killings are only allowed in authorised slaughterhouses which guarantee that anaesthesia is immediately used after cutting the artery of the sheep.

The public killing of animals in Austria is also illegal.

Below is a mass halal slaughter of sheep in a Muslim slaughterhouse, where it is just as inhumane and filthy as in the Austrian farmer’s field.