GERMANY: Violent clashes break out between locals and Muslim invaders who initiated the violence

hirkep20160816062431983-viA confrontation between 80 patriotic locals and 20 illegal alien Muslim invaders in the German town of Bautzen, Saxony, escalated into an outright brawl. The locals shouted slogans to make clear that the town belongs to them and that “We are the people.” German media are portraying the riot as “Neo-Nazi Skinheads attacking innocent unaccompanied refugee children (‘children’ in their 20’s & 30’s) out of hatred and xenophobia.”


Daily Caller  Reports claim the refugees started the violence after verbal attacks from the locals, who are described as nationalists. Police further claim the migrants threw bottles and pieces of wood at officers.

The refugees were eventually chased back to their shelter where police had to guard them through the night. Two refugees were injured in the clashes. 


Glass shattering and chants in German can be heard in footage from near the scene of the brawl.

Tensions between the invaders and locals in Bautzen have grown over the past year. Bautzen made headlines in February when locals cheered as a planned refugee shelter was set on fire.  


Attacks on refugee accommodations have since become a near-daily occurrence across Germany. Bautzen is located just 38 miles east of Dresden, where anti-Islamization group PEGIDA originates.

As with many other German cities, Muslim gangs have claimed entire districts of the town for themselves, with many residents being too scared to enter these areas – especially after sunset. 

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