The list of Black Americans for Donald Trump gets bigger everyday


Black Americans for Trump


It is becoming increasingly apparent that Donald Trump is getting more support from Black Americans than any other Republican candidate for president ever has

As more and more black Americans are supporting Donald Trump, they are being called “racists” by many black Americans

You read about it here first, now listen to Barack Hussein Obama’s half-brother Malik talk about his reasons for supporting Donald Trump for president

SHOCKER! New Black Panther party leader comes out in support of Donald Trump because Democrats have been exploiting black votes and giving us nothing in return

MUST SEE! Another Black American explains why she is voting for Donald Trump

And here’s ANOTHER escapee from the Democrat ‘plantation’

Why Donald Trump will pull more votes from the Black community than any other Republican ever has

MAGNIFICENT! Black pastor brings down the house at Donald Trump rally in Cleveland, Saturday, March 12th

What a Black Female Executive at the Trump Organization has to say about charges that Donald Trump is a “racist, a bigot, and a misogynist”

NORTH CAROLINA: Historic Black church says “Supporting Hillary Clinton is like being with an abusive ex-spouse”

Black Donald Trump supporter defends the flag from leftists who want to burn it

BLACK VIETNAM WAR VETERAN gets shot for being a Donald Trump supporter

MSNBC doesn’t know what to make of a black Donald Trump supporter who defends him against ‘racist’ attacks

Did you know that Barack Obama’s half brother is voting for Donald Trump?

ATLANTA: 16-year-old Black Trump supporter is getting death threats for supporting Donald Trump

BLACK CONSERVATIVE GAY PATRIOT banned from Facebook for posting this pro-Trump video


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  1. The Left have always sought to divide us.

    Black and Brown, White and Yellow — WE ARE ONE!

    God forbid that Benghazi Betrayer I LIKE MONEY a LOT MORE THAN I LIKE AMERICA Bought and Paid for With Mega Millions of Arab Muslim Dollars, Traitor Hillary Clinton is elected president.

    LONG LIVE AMERICA! Long Live the Free World! Vote Donald Trump!

    Whitney Houston – Star Spangled Banner

  2. Here in Houston Texas, QuanellX a muslim black panther leader just indorsed on live local Fox TV Trump!!! I could hardly believe ot, he said the democratic party has done nothing for the blacks in America. He urged all blacks to vote Trump.

  3. Wouldn’t be great …. if Hillary’s welfare pimping …. got her the lowest % black vote in recent history ?

  4. nice spread of truth here BNI ! a pleasant surprise I am sure for a first time black web surfer to find no racism only truth of Islamism and it’s path to make slaves of all races …

  5. Oh, puh.leeze Louise …

    Come on already! I have been a member and ardent supporter of this site (also buying several hundred dollars worth of goods from the BNI store to keep the fine work Bonni does going) but this is simply absurd. Black people and (almost) the entire Black Congressional Caucus absolutely *detest* Donald Trump. Can’t we simply talk about why that is in fact the case?

    • Robert, I appreciate the support. But if you see all the links at the bottom of this post, they are only a small sample of what I could post everyday. I am not saying Trump will get a majority of black votes, but he will get a larger percentage than any other Republican running for president ever has. Of course, the media will not report this.

      Also, I never go looking for these videos, but run across new ones every time I go to Youtube. If Trump gets 20% of the Black vote, that will be huge.

      • Back when Ben Carson was running…..his surrogates did the math and were convinced that a Republican that can get 17% of the black vote was an automatic winner. We shall see…..

        I hope Trump actually helps them crawl out of the welfare trap.

  6. Hey there are good and wise people with dark skin and there are good and wise people with light skin and there are good and wise people with in between pigmented skin. Skin hue has NOTHING to do with anything unless someone wants to make that the issue. The TRUTH about real issues is what is important.

    • Thank you Don, couldn’t have said better. I think people like Mr. Hare believe African American folks are not smart enough to think for themselves. Fortunately, we’re showing him a different point of view. Though Mr. Trump was not my first choice, he is now the only choice. Wake up America.

  7. Monster vote.
    Ten million Americans that have never voted before will now be voting.
    This includes Black community, Hispanics and Dems switching to Repubs. Some 1 out of 6 of this latter Dem community.
    Best summer ever soon to be The Best Autumn Ever.