HASHTAG #DearMuslims spreads support for Muslims following multiple MUSLIM terrorist attacks

That’s right, on the heels of the latest Muslim terrorist attacks on America, pull out your well-worn, handy dandy Muslim ‘Victim’ Card. 


MIC  New Yorkers received emergency mobile alerts on Monday informing them that a Muslim Ahmad Khan Rahami was wanted for questioning in relation to an explosion in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood on Saturday — and now, Muslims are bracing hoping and praying  for an anti-Muslim backlash (which rarely amounts to anything more than harsh words)


Terrell J. Star, a political correspondent at Fusion, launched #DearMuslims on Twitter to provide a stream of support for Muslims who are likely to face systemic racial profiling and Islamophobia as news develops around this incident.

Starr offered tips to Muslims on how to safely handle racial profiling from police officers like making sure they have an ID at all times, syncing their photos to the cloud, recording their interactions with police officers and downloading the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Stop and Frisk app to learn their rights and to ensure they aren’t being violated.

Twitter user Fahria Fahri also made the important point of letting Muslims know that it’s likely that names similar to “Ahmad Khan Rahami” may be monitored.