Latest ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) execution video censored by the media

THE DEVOUT MUSLIMS OF ISIS have released a sickening new video showing an alleged spy tied to a pole before being brutally executed by members of the terror group. The graphic footage shows the man being shackled to the wooden pole before he is shot with a machine gun and then beheaded.


UK Mirror  Western media for the most part have refused to show the graphic video but you can see it here.

Before he is killed by ISIS soldiers , the man speaks in an interview, referring to himself as a ‘rafidi’. Rafidi, or rafida, is and Islamic term meaning ‘rejectors’ or ‘those who refuse’ and refers to people who have rejected legitimate Islamic authority and leadership.

It is known as a derogatory term for Shia Muslims, often used by Sunnis, because Shia Muslims believe in a different line of successorship for Islam, following the death of its founder, Muhammed. According to, the video is titled ‘So Take Warning’ and was filmed in Wilayat Halab, also known as Aleppo, in Syria .