When you raise your son to become a filthy Islamic terrorist who bombs the country that welcomed you and your family and gave you a good life, you deserve to be put out of business and deported immediately

yelp-logo1The Muslim savage, Ahmad Khan Rahami, suspected in three bombings in New York and New Jersey is another invader from Afghanistan who came to the United States with his family and helped run his father’s fried chicken business. With any luck, scathing comments from YELP users will quickly ruin the business.


PJ MEDIA (h/t Liz)  The Elizabeth, New Jersey, home of Ahmad Khan Rahami’s family, located above their restaurant, First American Fried Chicken, was raided by the FBI, ATF, state and local police on Monday. The restaurant and home are owned by Mohammad Rahami, Ahmad’s father, along with his mother, Najiba.


Along with his mother and father, Ahmad Rahami has several siblings, including three brothers and possibly two sisters, the New York Times reports. 

Ahmad Rahami was taken into custody in Linden, New Jersey, about four miles from his home, Monday morning. He was wounded, but survived. It is not clear if police are searching for other suspects in the bombings. The family is not commenting about the incident.

The family restaurant has 85 reviews on Yelp, with 83 of them coming on September 19, 2016. There are only two reviews dating before Monday, and both are positive. But following news of the son’s terrorist attack, angry Yelp users took to the Internet to attack the restaurant.










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The restaurant attracted attention not just due to the connection with Rahami, but also because one of the first bombs discovered on Sunday night was near the restaurant itself.

The city’s mayor, J. Christian Bollwage, described problems the city had had with the Rahami family (below) in the past. Mohammad Rahami opened the restaurant about a decade ago, and ran it for 24 hours a day. Neighbors complained about rowdy crowds there which would gather after midnight.


Bollwage explained that the city council voted to shut down the restaurant at 10 p.m., due to “complaints from neighbors, it was a distress to people in the neighborhood.” Neighbors continued to complain that the Rahamis did not comply, keeping the restaurant open late anyway. One night, the police came to force the restaurant to close, and one of Ahmad’s older brothers got into a fight with a police officer and was arrested. Ahmad fled to Afghanistan before the case was resolved, according to the Times.

Wife and Mother of Ahmad Khan Rahami left the United States prior to the bombings.

Rahami’s father (below) sued the city of Elizabeth and his neighbors, saying they were discriminated against for being Muslim. (Apparently they were aided and abetted by designated terrorist group CAIR in this litigation jihad)


HEAVY  Rahami’s father sued the city of Elizabeth, the city’s police department, several officers, and his neighbor in federal court in 2011, alleging they violated his civil rights by discriminating against him. Mohammad Rahami and two of Ahmad’s brothers filed the lawsuit in New Jersey federal court. 

The Rahamis argued that they were targeted by the city, police and their neighbors because of their ethnicity and Muslim religion, according to the lawsuit. They said that starting in July 2008 they were “subjected to citations and summonses for allegedly violating a local ordinace regulating hours of operation for certain businesses, in particular rquiring certain establishments to close by 10 p.m.”


“Despite their legal right to keep the restaurant open past 10 p.m., defendants, each and every one of them, with reckless disregard and deliberate indifference to plaintiffs’ constitutional rights of liberty, due process, and equal protection embarked on a course of conduct to harass, humiliate, intimidate, retaliate against and force plaintiffs to close their business by 10 p.m. by filing complaints, tickets, summonses and charges relating to the subject ordinance, claiming that the business hours of the restaurant needed to be limtied. The tickets summons and complaints were all baseless, unfounded and designed solely to intimidate and harass plaintiffs.”

Mohammad Rahami and his sons alleged one neighbor who complained to the police often told them “you are Muslims” and “Muslims make too much trouble in this country,” among other comments singling them out based on their race, religion and national origin, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was dismissed in 2012, according to court records.


The New York Times reports that Rahami’s father, Mohammad Rahami, accused his son of being a terrorist in 2014 but later recanted the statement.