MINNESOTASTAN: Restaurant owner who placed a “MUSLIMS GET OUT” sign in front of his store rejects attempts by CAIR to “re-educate” him about Islam

Minnesota Mall Stabbings SignTreats Family Restaurant owner Dan Ruedinger in Lonsdale, MN  has rejected an invitation by the head of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) to meet with Muslim community leaders at the Islamic Center of Faribault, so he can interact with Muslims and learn more about Islam and the local Muslim community.

Minnesotastan left wing idiots
Minnesotastan left wing idiots who apparently haven’t heard of the Muslim terrorist who just stabbed 9 people in a St. Cloud mall

CAIR says “Our experience has shown that interaction with ordinary American Muslims and enhanced knowledge of Islam are key factors in the reduction of Islamophobic attitudes,” said Hussein. 

Rudeinger contends he won’t be coerced into taking down his anti-Muslim sign by CAIR or the politically correct morons who have nothing better to do than whine and stand in front of his restaurant holding ignorant Muslim-sympathizing signs calling the restaurant owner “racist.” Rudeinger’s son served two tours in in Iraq while he was in the military.

If you are ever in Lonsdale, MN, be sure and stop by Treats Family Restaurant and thank him from the millions of readers of BNI.

Because the restaurant owner is now receiving threats (from Muslims no doubt) about burning down his restaurant, he has had to install a costly security system. If would would like to send a donation, here are the links: http://www.gofundme.com or one can access directly at http://www.gofundme.com/2qc4qq4?ssis=744742969&pos=4