Christian Pastor held hostage in Iran for 4 years had to pay his own airfare home from Germany after Obama had shelled out a huge ransom to Iran for release of hostages

ransom-delivered-to-iranAfter Barack Hussein Obama paid a $1.7 billion dollar ransom to Iran, including $400 million in cash, something no other American president had ever done, it seems he didn’t have enough charity in his heart to buy a plane ticket home for this American Christian pastor.

Vidmax  So it seems, America’s first NOT-MUSLIM Muslim president is very open to giving billions of dollars in ransom money, as well as releasing hundreds of billions in seized currency to his Iranian pals, but he couldn’t spring for the cost of a plane ticket to get the Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini home to the US, after he was tortured in the Iranian prison for 4 years. I wonder if he paid the airfare for the Iranian-American Muslim hostage to come home?