NORTH DAKOTA: Anti-Muslim letter sets off a firestorm of liberal butt-hurt

cartoonmuslim-viSo…a Somali Muslim savage stabs 10 people in St. Cloud, and bleeding hearts at ‘The Forum’ decide to run an article expressing more concern about a potential backlash – Americans targeting Muslims after a Muslim terror attack – than they have for the actual victims of the attack. But what really got liberal panties in a wad is a letter to the editor from a West Fargo man blaming Muslim invaders for turning the country into a “dumpster fire”


Inforum  If a country is a dumpster fire, it is a dumpster fire because of the attitudes and beliefs of its people. If you move those people somewhere else, what are they going to do except turn their new country into a dumpster fire?! These people refuse to assimilate, refuse to adopt American beliefs. Their Sharia Law is in direct opposition to the US Constitution.

North Dakotans (the Americans who built this state) are SCREAMING for Lutheran Social Services to be shut down, only to be told by their supercilious, self-righteous director that we must be ‘tolerant’.


These immigrants have robbed our gas stations, harassed our women, and made necessary the policing of once-peaceful public parks. Women wearing Islamic headgear belong in a Discovery Channel documentary about war-torn countries, not North Dakota. The director of Lutheran Social Services needs to be put on trial as a criminal accessory.

Islam has no place in the West … nor does the liberalism that aids and abets it.

WDAY In fewer than 200 words a West Fargo man set off hundreds of community arguments. In a letter to the editor of the Forum he said North Dakota is no place for Islam and called Lutheran Social Services a criminal accessory.

Shaun Moser accuses so-called “new Americans” (NOT new Americans, new colonizers) of violent crime and harassment. And even says women wearing hijabs “belong in a Discovery Channel documentary about war-torn countries.”


Social media quickly fired back.  And several others wrote letters to the editor calling the piece Islamophobic and intolerant. That letter suggested Islam and liberalism are to blame for national turmoil. The piece ignited a firestorm of responses some agreeing and some disagreeing.

While flags in downtown Fargo celebrate a national Welcoming Week some say remarks in the morning paper are anything but welcoming. “I was disgusted about it. It was very racist or very prejudice,” said Jack Lunde, Fargo. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)


“I don’t think we should be a country that cuts off people either because we think they’re going to take our jobs away or because we might be worried that there might be some sort of terrorist act from one individual,” said Lunde.

I spoke to Moser on the phone this evening. He tells me he stands by his comments and believes “America is under assault by third world ideology.”


“It really actually makes me upset. Because I think everyone should feel safe in the place they call home especially in Fargo,” said Aaron Tollefson, Fargo.

But others sided with Moser saying they worry more Muslim refugees could increase chances of attacks like the ones in New York or St. Cloud.

“I would hate to have some guy run down the street and say, ‘I’m going to kill you in the name of Allah,’ you know,” said Robert Geigle, Fargo.

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