PENNSYLVANIA: Bomb squad called in to investigate box of Arab jihadi cookies left unattended at gas station

After Muslim terrorist dumpster bombings in New York and New Jersey last weekend, it’s no wonder that panic ensued when a suspicious box of cookies with Arabic writing on it was found at a gas pump at the Marshalls Creek Gulf station.


The Pocono Record reports that someone left a cookie box with Arabic writing on the outside at a gas pump at the Gulf filling station in Marshalls Creek, Penn. After a customer noticed the box, they immediately called the police, who came out to investigate the box as a potential explosive device.

Police immediately had employees evacuate the gas station, and a hazardous Devices and Explosives Unit van was brought on the scene, along with at least three state police cars.

It turned out, however, that the potential bomb really was just a box of cookies. The Gulf station opened up shortly after officers determined that the box of treats was not a threat to human life.