GERMANY has its own version of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables”

amber-baby-blonde-family-favim-com-2924945Germany’s most popular parenting magazine, Baby & Family, tells readers to beware of blonde-haired, blue-eyed families who are “inconspicuous” and “cheerful,” as these warning signs indicate that they are just as dangerous if not moreso than gangs of Nazi racists and bigots. The identifying features of right-wing families, it contends, are that they are “inconspicuous, well-behaved, cute and engaged.”

Breitbart  The magazine printed a story where the Amadeu Antonio foundation, an openly anti-German organization run by former STASI agents, was consulted on how to properly identify children from Right Wing German families in day care centers in order to exclude them.  If you have long, blonde braided hair, behave inconspicuously, are obedient and your parents are dedicated towards improving the community, you might be at risk of being a future Right Wing extremist.
The biggest danger are parents who behave unconsciously, talk fluent German, like taking responsibility in the parent’s council and build personal relationships to other parents. According the expert in Gender Studies and Right Wing Extremism, Heike Radvan, these parents pose a grave threat since it’s very hard to exclude them and their children from the community for the political opinions, since they have made such a good impression by being a decent human being.

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