#IAmMuslim IAmNYC: Following several Islamic terrorist attacks in the past two weeks, including in NYC, Commie Mayor Bill de Blasio decides to waste more taxpayer money promoting programs just for Muslims


MUSLIMS, like New Yorkers of every faith, contribute to the unique and rich cultural diversity for which New York City is universally known (especially Islamic terrorism). They (do NOT) deserve to live and work free from discrimination and harassment (because they are the enemy).

1NYC  In light of the recent negative rhetoric surrounding people of faith, MUSLIM immigrants and refugees, the NYC Commission on Human Rights and the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit and Office of Immigrant Affairs are partnering to support and strengthen NYC’s Muslim communities through ongoing events, anti-discrimination literature and a social media ad campaign with the hashtag #IAmMuslimNYC.

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In the wake of a radical Islamic terrorist attack on New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio is telling citizens not to worry about the threat of jihadist violence and pushing for even more questionably vetted migrants to be resettled in the United States.

BNI Readers, be sure to let them know what you think about wasting money on special programs to protect Muslim supremacists: Join the conversation with hashtag #IamMuslimNYC and follow @NYCCHR on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

De Blasio, hugging radical Muslim Linda Sarsour, would rather see New Yorkers murdered by Islamic jihadis than offend his Muslim constituencies.
De Blasio, hugging radical Muslim Linda Sarsour, would rather see New Yorkers murdered by Islamic jihadis than offend his Muslim constituencies.



• Download the Fact Sheet “NYC Human Rights Law Protections for Muslims (and Those Perceived as Such): 10 Things You Should Know” (soon to be available in 9 languages). 
• Coming Soon: Download the Brochure “Religious Discrimination Protections under the NYC Human Rights Law” (will be available in 9 languages). 
• Download the #IAmMuslimNYC social media ads:

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 Learn more about upcoming free workshops on “Understanding Islam,” targeted at City employees and public and private providers citywide (pilot launching in October).

 Report discrimination online, or to make an inquiry or file an official complaint, call the Commission on Human Rights at (718) 722-3131.  For more information, stay connected with the Commission at www.NYC.gov/HumanRights.

 Report a potential anti-Muslim hate crime: call the NY Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force at (646) 610-5267.

DeBlasio meets with radical Muslim mayor of London Saddiq Khan
DeBlasio meets with radical Muslim mayor of London Saddiq Khan

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Commitment of the Bill de Blasio Administration to Muslim Communities

Recognized Muslim holidays of Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha as public school holidays for the first time in the 2015-16 school year.


Hiring a senior advisor specifically focused on working with City agencies to ensure programs and services reach Muslim communities.

Improving access to languages spoken by Muslims access across the city. At the NYC Commission on Human Rights, 26 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, and Gujarati are now spoken among law enforcement staff.


Meeting regularly with Muslim community leaders and making mosque visits to discuss public safety concerns, social services, small business services, mental health, access to universal pre-K, and other issues facing communities.

Furthering the inclusion of Muslim immigrant communities though IDNYC, a government-issued identification card that over 900,000 unique cardholders and connects New Yorkers to libraries, museums, hospitals, and many City services.


Convening roundtables and workshops with Muslim leaders and advocates to discuss religious protections under the NYC Human Rights Law and how to report acts of discrimination.

Celebrating Muslim traditions and increasing cultural literacy through public events, such as Eid celebrations in every borough and iftars throughout the city, including the largest public iftar in City history, “Iftar in the City,” attended by hundreds of New Yorkers.

And a week after several terrorist attacks in NYC and New Jersey, deBlasio declared September 25th MUSLM PARADE DAY!