CANADA: Sudden Jihad Syndrome? Onlookers horrified as man ambushed elderly woman, stabbing repeatedly in face, leaving her screaming & bleeding

Investigators said the vicious attack — on an 83-year-old woman — didn’t end with the initial blows to the face. When she fell to the ground, police said, the man climbed on top of her and continued stabbing her. “She was screaming at the top of her lungs, like five or six times,” said Jennyfer Demers, who helped the victim. 

UPDATE 1: Attacker arrested and identified but name has not been released. Can any BNIer in Canada please find out the name for us? Stabbing suspect charged

Attacker caught on video
Attacker caught on video

National Post (h/t Susan K)  “I helped her up off the ground and she was bleeding from her face and her eye area. There was blood everywhere. She was clearly shaken up.”

The woman suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. Police said the 83-year-old woman was walking around 11:30 a.m. when a man snuck up behind her and stabbed her repeatedly in the face.


“He assaulted her multiple times, and then when she went to the ground he continued to assault her on the ground and then took off,” said Const. Andrew Drouillard. After the attack, the suspect fled south, tossing his plaid jacket and a shirt as he ran. Police arrested a suspect later in the afternoon. 

Kim Spirou, who owns the salon next to the attack, was stunned when she watched the surveillance video. “He crossed the street very deliberately, you could tell he was targeting her,” she said. “He caught up to her and stabbed her right in front of the salon.”

Police said the attacker didn’t seem to know his victim. “That’s what is disturbing about this, it appears to be some random act of violence,” said Drouillard. (Random act of violence aka sudden jihad?)