OREGON: 87-year-old woman allegedly raped by a (Muslim-looking ) Ethiopian

adeladilew-mekonenAn 87-year-old woman is suing an Oregon hospital, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, alleging she had been sexually molested by a nurses’ aid from Ethiopia. The woman is one of several elderly patients allegedly molested by Adeladilew Mekonen. The Ethiopian was charged with rape and unlawful sexual penetration.

KOIN  Adeladilew Mekonen, 34, was taken into custody last week after investigators looked into claims that he victimized elderly women while working at the hospital.  Attorney Greg Kafoury says the hospital already knew Mekonen was a danger to patients when his client was assaulted. He said it all started in June when a 94-year-old woman claimed she was raped by the nursing assistant.