GERMAN MAYOR CLUBBED UNCONSCIOUS over proposal for a new Muslim invader center…just as 50 Muslim invaders riot and ransack an invader center in Berlin

38f2bc7700000578-0-image-a-46_1475225333759Joachim Kebschull (right), 61, was taken to hospital after being struck from behind with a lump of timber in an attack in Oersdorf in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. It happened as a riot broke out at a Berlin refugee centre last night when 50 Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers attacked security personnel who had to be rescued by police.


UK Daily Mail  (h/t Emma) One guard was rushed to hospital with head injuries after the refugees turned on the staff, smashed up furniture and looted the building. The mayor of Oersdorf had received death threats over plans for a centre in Schleswig-Holstein in the past, which infuriated locals.

Before the meeting on Thursday the mayor had received a threatening letter with the words: ‘Who doesn’t want to hear must feel’ and ‘Oersdorf for the Oersdorferners’. Two bomb threats had postponed earlier planning meeting attempts. Police are now searching for the attackers after they made their escape.


In Berlin, around 50 Muslim invaders smashed up furniture to use as weapons to attack the guards at their accommodation block in the northern district of Reinickendorf.

Locked in a room, the security personnel called police saying they feared for their lives. Thirty officers turned up to rescue them. Trouble broke out when the lights in the former gymnasium were suddenly turned on by security personnel after they discovered one of their offices had been broken into and looted.

Outside, some of the guards’ cars were vandalised. Angry refugees turned on the staff and began beating them as they fled to find a safe place. One guard was rushed to hospital with head injuries. Police said they will press charges of disturbing the peace, grievous bodily harm and property damage.