YEE HAW!! Texas withdraws from federal refugee resettlement program

imagesGovernor Greg Abbott has officially pulled the plug on Texas’ participation in the federal refugee resettlement program for Syrian Muslim invaders after the Obama Regime rejected the state’s specific security conditions.

Breitbart (h/t Emma)  The move by the Texas governor stops the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (THHSC) from coordinating the resettlement of these refugees that the Obama Administration has repeatedly said they cannot certify not to be a threat to the residents of the state.


His action follows the rejection of a proposal announced previously where Texas officials demanded a certification that the refugees were not a security threat and a limit on the number of refugees to the original 2016 plan.

“Texas has repeatedly requested that the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Director of National Intelligence provide assurances that refugees resettled in Texas will not pose a security threat, and that the number of refugees resettled in Texas would not exceed the State’s original allocation in fiscal year 2016 – both of which have been denied by the federal government,” Abbott said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.


“As a result, Texas will withdraw from the refugee resettlement program. As governor, I will continue to prioritize the safety of all Texans and urge the federal government to overhaul this severely broken system.”

Governor Abbott previously said the federal refugee resettlement plan is riddled with serious problems that create threats to the country. Breitbart Texas previously reported on testimony before Congress from some of the President’s top security advisors. The officials stated they believe that terrorists would attempt to infiltrate the refugee resettlement program.


THHSC Spokesman Bryan Bryan Black told Breitbart Texas on Friday afternoon, “Since we have not received federal approval of our plan, we are moving forward with our transition out of the Refugee Resettlement Program. After today, the current plan will no longer be in effect, and we will begin exiting the program, with benefits and services ending on Jan. 31, 2017.”

More states should do this to prevent people like this Syrian family with 11 children (below), who were safe in Lebanon, but came to the U.S. where the welfare benefits are so much better.