ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF RALEIGH, North Carolina: If you plan to attend “Breaking Bread with a Muslim,” please understand you are contributing to the torture of animals

stm_7449The Islamic Association of Raleigh is sponsoring a special program so neighbors can get to know Muslims in the community. 

News Observer  “Breaking Bread with a Muslim” will begin at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at 808 Atwater Road, Raleigh. Participants will share a meal together and can ask questions freely of Muslims in attendance.


Yes, be sure to ask them to explain Halal Slaughter and why they make fully-conscious animals suffer for several minutes in agonizing pain with their throats cut (but not the spinal cord which would eliminate the pain) while they slowly bleed to death. Also ask them why they think the hormones of terrified animals right before their death make the meat taste better.

Look at the video below and you might want to reconsider eating anything a Muslim serves you…other than bread.

After observing mid-day prayer (Men in front, women and unbelievers behind the Muslim male supremacists), there will be a presentation by the Imam, the religious leader of the mosque.


The event will end with a question-and-answer session. Organizers hope the discussion will cultivate new bonds of “friendship.” (Be sure to ask them to explain what the quran says about “friendship” with unbelievers)


And if there’s time, ask them if they know how many more members of the Islamic Association of Raleigh mosque are planning terrorist attacks on America and when.