Muslims are upset about the massive, unprecedented, emergency FBI alert that went out to phones all over NY and NJ, about the NY/NJ Muslim bombings suspect

ahmad-khan-rahamiJust before 8 AM on the Monday following the bombs that went off in Manhattan and New Jersey, and several that didn’t go off, phones across NYC and the wider New York metropolitan area erupted in unison, thanks to a massive law enforcement alert announcing Afghan-born U.S. citizen Ahmad Khan Rahamia as a person of interest wanted in connection with the explosion that rocked Manhattan on Saturday night.

Fusion Muslim terrorist, Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old Muslim U.S. citizen of Afghan descent, was publicly identified as the suspect by the FBI early on Monday morning. Just before 8 AM, smartphones all over the New York metropolitan buzzed with an emergency alert asking people to keep an eye out for him.

Nobody who received the alert had ever seen anything like it.

The message was sent through the Wireless Emergency Alerts system, which is normally used to release notices about severe weather and amber alerts. Local governments and federal agencies can use the system for any “alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life,” according to the Federal Communications Commission. Messages are sent to any phone connected to a specific cell tower.

But the alerts are limited to just 90 characters, and messages are text-only. Agencies sending them can’t even include a web link for people to click and learn more information, which leads to awkward phrases like “see media for pic.” The FCC wants to make longer alerts possible, but phone companies have resisted that change.

While the intent of this alert may have been to mobilize the public for what was shaping up to be a massive manhunt, the effect of everyone’s smartphones suddenly beeping and vibrating out en masse was decidedly less organized—particularly for a city already.

Even international figures in town for the United Nations’ General Assembly were alerted.

The only thing leftists and Muslims were concerned about was the potential for ‘racist’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) and ‘Islamophobic’ backlash. (Well, duh! The bomber WAS a Muslim, as usual…so there’s nothing irrational about people being afraid of Muslims)

Sorry, cupcake, it’s got nothing to do with “brown” persons, just Muslim persons. And this isn’t the first time the alert system was used following a suspected Muslim terrorist attack. During the manhunt for the Muslim Boston Marathon bombers in 2013, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency sent an alert to Bostonites telling them to shelter in place.

In typical New York fashion, many were simply annoyed by the whole thing.

Or used it as an excuse to play out personal spy fantasies.

Police captured the Muslim terrorist in New Jersey pretty quickly. Nothing to see here. Move along…until the next Muslim terrorist attack.