GERMAN family terrified as Syrian Muslim invaders housed near them start stabbing each other and harassing young girls


A German family from East Frisia was awakened by a mass brawl between Syrian Muslim freeloaders who were quartered in their apartment building. The fight escalated into a stabbing attack which splattered blood all over the hallway and stairs. 

Two floors of the staircase were covered in blood with blood spatters on the walls and pools of blood on the floor. Their door was kicked in, the kids were terrified and hid until they left. Fortunately the family wasn’t hurt, the stabbing was between the refugees themselves. The invaders have previously received two warnings for sexually harassing their daughter (12) as well as neighbor’s daughters (6 & 9 year old), in one case pressing them against the wall and touching them on their breasts and butt. They smirked at her and ran their tongue between two fingers.

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