MUSLIM cleric who advocates the “beheading, burning, and crushing of gays” to give ten days of lectures in London


Apparently, when Muslims spew their usual hate speech, they don’t get arrested as a British Christian would for saying the same thing about Muslims. But hey, you guys voted in a Muslim as mayor of London, so what do you expect?

Breitbart  A Islamic preacher who has referred to non-Muslims as “kuffar” and preached on how to kill homosexuals is due to deliver a set of nightly lectures at an Iranian government-backed organization in London.

Shaykh Hamza Sodagar – who gained notoriety earlier this year for his lecture on “one of five” ways to kill homosexuals – is due to speak at the Islamic Republic of Iran School in north-west London between October 4th – 12th. According to a speaker biography, Mr. Sodagar regards himself as a “role model” for “young Muslims all around the world”. A recent video of the preacher features Mr. Sodagar stating: