NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM IN AUSTRALIA, either…and if you’re an Aussie female, never get into a taxi with a Muslim driver

i-am-an-immigrant-uk“All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped,” are just some of the vile rantings of a Pakistani Muslim migrant ‘cabbie from hell’ who pretended to shoot an AK47 at passengers and accused one of being a lesbian for wearing pants. Typical Muslim behavior, why am I not surprised?

Daily Mail  A Pakistani Muslim migrant taxi driver declared ‘all Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped’, asked female passengers if they were virgins and ‘groped’ the thigh of a woman he picked up from a bar late at night, a tribunal has heard.


Western Sydney resident Afzal Nazir was found not to be a ‘fit and proper person’ to drive a taxi by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Wednesday. The decision came after it heard harrowing details of five encounters female passengers had with him over just two months he spent behind the wheel, including him allegedly rubbing a frightened woman’s leg before asking her out for curry.

One frightened female passenger who stepped into Mr Nazir’s car said he was ‘highly agitated’ and ranted at her for 20 minutes, including ‘that all Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped because of the way they dress’. ‘He said his wife would never dress like Aussie women do as she is a respectable person and has studied for many years,’ tribunal senior member Geoffrey Walker said in his decision.


Nazir told the woman he had paid $2000 to enter Australia and ‘had not simply arrived on a boat and people should respect him’. ‘He said Australians do not care about true relationships, they all want to f*** each other and then f*** them off.’

During his ravings, he began striking the steering wheel and ‘yelling about how dumb Australian people are as they constantly mix up his race and said how stupid they could be, that they could not tell where he was from.’

He then detailed an incident with a drunk person the night before and said ‘if that happened in his country he would pul out his AK 47 and put 14 bullets in his head’ while pretending to fire a gun at her.


Four other women made serious complaints against Mr Nazir about his behaviour while driving cabs in Newcastle in August and September 2011. (And he wasn’t fired back then?)

One female passenger said when she entered the taxi Mr Nazir told her: ‘You’re wearing pants so I am thinking you are a lesbian’ and demanded she agree with him.

The tribunal heard another woman was picked up at a pub and he told her she looked ‘hot’ tonight, before asking if she had a boyfriend – and for her name, age and street address. The woman said he asked her ‘why I was out alone if I’m such a ‘hot’ girl and then started rubbing her leg because it looked ‘cold’.


Mr Nazir then took the car into an industrial area, the tribunal heard, and ‘he asked her if she liked Indian food and whether she would like to go out for some curry’. ‘He kept saying that she was so pretty and he would love to take her out,’ Prof Walker said.

Another complaint detailed how he picked up two young women from Fannys nightclub, asked them why they were virgins. The complainant said when they asked him to stop talking about ‘sexual relations… he simply laughed and kept talking about it’.

Roads and Maritime Service cancelled Mr Nazir’s driving authorities in early 2012. He was also accused of putting a passenger in his boot and of being rude to a pregnant woman. The tribunal ruled he was not a fit and proper person to drive a taxi – because he would be highly likely to receive future complaints. ‘He has accepted no responsibility for his misconduct,’ said tribunal senior member Prof Walker.