APOCALYPSE MEOW! The Islamic State (ISIS) has issued a fatwa against cats in Mosul

ISIS has issued a fatwa against cats because they say the animals are against a jihadist’s ‘vision, ideology and beliefs’. The new law, introduced by senior ISIS clerics yesterday under Islamic law, forbids the indoor breeding of cats in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

ISIS issue fatwa against CATS. credit: Israfil Yilmaz/Tumblr

METRO  People living in the Islamic State’s ‘caliphate’ have been warned not to violate the ban, which appears to have already been enforced. ISIS jihadi fighters have reportedly already started going door to door, hunting for little kittens.

The new fatwa comes as a surprise, particularly after so many members of the terrorist group have been posting pictures online of themselves with kittens. But it appeared to have all just been a propaganda stunt to attract a new breed of young fighters.

ISIS issue fatwa against CATS credit: Twitter

A UN report carried out in 2014 revealed that 15,000 jihadists from 80 countries flocked to Iraq and Syria after seeing pictures of cats next to AK-47s and masked men.

According to the report, ISIS recognized the ‘the terror and recruitment value of multi-channel, multi-language social and other media messaging’ so used the cat craze to make them appear more approachable.

In one particular Twitter feed, ISIS fighters were shown feeding and playing with kittens as well as posing next to them, while holding guns. Last year, British ISIS recruiter Omar Hussein posted a picture of his cat, Lucy, curled up inside a suicide belt.

ISIS issue fatwa against CATS credit: Twitter

Next to the picture, Hussein, who once worked as a security guard at Morrisons, wrote: ‘Come closer and I’ll blow the entire house down!’

On another occasion, Dutch jihadist Israfil Yilmaz, received 10,000 marriage proposals after he posted pictures of himself holding a ginger kitten. He captioned the image: ‘Soft towards the creation of Allah but fierce and harsh towards the disbelievers.’