MICHIGANISTAN community sued by CAIR and the DOJ for rejecting a humongous jihad indoctrination center must pay $1.7 million and allow the project to go forward

obamacairPittsfield Township, sued by designated terrorist group CAIR and backed by the Obama Justice Department for rejecting construction of a jihadi training center, will have to pay $1.7 million and allow the project to go forward. Pittsfield residents are expressing their outage with threats on social media, which is sure to get them a visit from the FBI.

WND The tentative settlement would be one of the largest shakedowns ever waged on a U.S. municipality opposed to a mosque. After 4 years of fighting, the deal will send shockwaves throughout the nation in communities fighting to keep large mosques and madrassas out of residential areas.


The settlement grants the Ann Arbor-based mosque led by a Syrian imam the right to build a 70,000-square-foot Islamic school, a residential development consisting of 22 duplex units and three single-family homes, plus a park, the Detroit News reported. 

imam-from-ann-arborShaykh Moataz Al-Hallak (left) migrated to the U.S. from Syria in the 1980s and has been organizing and leading extremist-backed mosques ever since. The New York Times reported on Sept. 18, 2001, that Al-Hallak was “a Muslim cleric suspected of ties to the Osama bin Laden organization” and that he had been banned from preaching at a Texas mosque because of his radical Islamic teachings. 

EVEN WORSE, Pittsfield Township not only agreed to pay $1.7 million and allow the 70,000 square foot project to move forward, but it also agreed to have its elected leaders and staff receive sensitivity training in how not to discriminate against Muslims.

Pittsfield Township, a community just outside of Ann Arbor, denied the construction permit saying the project would be incompatible with the surrounding residential zoning and would cause undue traffic and congestion.


The U.S. Justice Department joined the case last year on the side of the mosque, claiming Pittsfield was violating RLUIPA, a law passed by Congress in 2000 that prohibits local governments from imposing zoning regulations that “substantially burden” religious rights “unless there is a compelling government interest.”

Many such legal battles are in process, including a major one in nearby Sterling Heights, Michigan, reported recently by WND.


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